Siberian Vs Hungarian Goose Down

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Siberian and Hungarian down are both types of down - the soft and fluffy insulation layer underneath the feathers of geese, ducks and birds that keeps the birds warm and dry. They are often used to make high quality and highly comfortable duvets and pillows.

Read our guide below to find out whether Siberian or Hungarian Goose Down duvets are better - and which might be best for you to invest in for the best night’s sleep! 

What Is Hungarian Goose Down?

Hungarian goose down is goose down produced from Hungarian geese. It is widely recognised as one of the best sources of down around the world. Typically, Hungary produces mostly white goose down or semi-white goose down.

The ‘down’ material is what is found on the underbelly of Geese, which helps them keep naturally cool or warm depending on the climate. That’s why, they make for great duvets - they’re durable, great for all climates and high-quality. 

What Is Siberian down?

Siberian goose down, however, is not actually from there. Siberia is not a producer of goose down, so most typically these types of duvets originate from across Europe or China. However, their material and quality is not as good as Hungarian, but still high in quality depending on where you buy it from. 


Is Siberian Down a Higher Quality Than Other Types of Down?

Because Siberian goose down, depending on where it is sold, is sourced from various locations it may mean the quality in all Siberian goose down duvets is not the same. That’s why, Hungarian goose down tends to be more popular as it guarantees high-quality. 

What Defines a Good Goose Down? 

It is not necessarily the origin country of the down that sets it apart in quality. You should consider how the down has been produced in order to assess its quality and how ethical it is. For example, if the down has been produced in a country where there is a tradition of raising healthy, high quality and mature birds in a good environment, these geese are likely to produce the best down.

Mature, healthy birds tend to produce the down with the best fill power (a sign of high quality). For example, Hungarian goose down has larger particles which means better fill power and higher quality. Additionally, if goose down comes from geese in a colder climate, it will typically be thicker and longer.

Where Does the Best Goose Down Come From?

100% Hungarian goose down is generally considered to be the best down filling on the market. It is known for its high quality, lightweight comfort and strong heat insulation. Why not invest in Hungarian goose down to have bedding that will last you years and save you money in the long-run? 

Are Siberian and Hungarian Down Sourced Humanely?

Hungarian goose down is known to be one of the most humanely sourced types of goose down. This is because, as part of the European Union, it adheres to strict guidelines about the humane use of animals.

As a consequence, in Hungary live geese are never skinned, trimmed or plucked in order to obtain down; producers of down are only allowed to use down if it is a byproduct of meat production or natural moulting.

Because Siberian down does not actually refer to a specific location, it is difficult to know the exact source country of the down. While Cuddledown sources down ethically, not all companies online offering it will be the same. 

Always be sure to research beforehand. 

Is Hungarian or Siberian Goose Down Best For Me?

If you’re on a tighter budget, why not opt for Siberian goose down. The quality is not as good as Hungarian goose down - but it is still a lot better than other duvet types available on the market in the UK and elsewhere in the world! 

Or, if you’re looking to invest in a down duvet long-term then definitely consider Hungarian goose down. It is the most luxurious down material available for duvets, and worth the price as they’re the most durable and comfortable. 


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