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Pillow Guide - the Handbook

Soft and squishy, thick and chunky? One, or a bunch? We all have our personal preference when it comes to how we like our noggin to be supported in bed.

Our pillows are available in a range of natural down, down-alternative, and silk filling, always encased in pure cotton casing for the ultimate in comfort. Our pillows are available in a range of sizes and firmness for the perfect fit and support.

We know how important it is to make the right choice, and have compiled a bunch of helpful information to help you make the right purchasing decision to ensure you get your best night's sleep in no time!

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Finding the perfect pillow

Here are the main components that make up a pillow.

Filling - it's what inside that counts. 
There's a wide range of fill that can be used to fill a pillow. We've selected carefully selected natural fills such goose down, feather, and silk. For our down-alternative fills (perfect for more sensitive sleepers), we have a choice of fibre fills.

Casing - do judge it by its cover.
the cover (or 'shell') that your pillow is made of, and that keeps your filling in place. This is usually made of cotton, though budget pillows often feature synthetic covers such as microfibre. Pure cotton casings are usually soft and supple, and make for a breathable pillow.

Size and firmness - the choice is yours. 
Available in a range of sizes to perfectly fit your gorgeous pillowcase. With a choice of firmness, you're sure to find the perfect support, no matter your sleeping position.

All about your pillow

Do note: there are factors which can affect sleeping support and comfort, such as body weight, mattress firmness, variable sleeping positions etc.

Perfect for the Position

The filling in your pillow is the most important factor in determining the comfort and level of support. Your pillow and support preference will generally be dependant on your sleeping position - read on for some helpful insight.

Back sleepers are usually best served with a flatter pillow as this will minimise the raising your head too far forward and placing undue stress on your neck. A medium-support pillow offers great support for this sleeping position, though many sleepers do also find soft-support pillows offer ample comfort and support. 

Side sleepers will find themselves in pole position as the most popular sleeping position! This position means you should ensure that you take notice of your spinal alignment when in bed. A medium-support pillow is the most suitable option as this will provide the optimal level of support.

Front sleepers should use a pillow that offers soft and supple support to minimise raising your head too high. A soft-support pillow is the best option for this sleeping position. 

All about the fill

Down is de facto the finest fill available. It offers both supple and supportive, highly durable and both fluffy and light. Down is sourced from (the undercoating of) either duck or goose, and is wonderfully light and fluffy compared to feathers. The structure of down is unique in its ability to trap air and provide great support. Feathers are comparatively heavy and feel chunkier as these contain the core quill which is absent in down; feather-filled pillows are heavier, thicker and more affordable than equivalent down pillows. The sourcing of the filling comes from different (usually cold) regions across the globe, with some regions being highly sought after due to their limited supply and superior quality. 

Down Alternative fills are the perfect choice for sensitive sleepers who are prone to dust or seasonal allergies, or perhaps prefer a vegan option. We also offer silk pillows for those who are looking for a down-alternative pillow with a touch of natural luxury. 

For down fillings, there are some metrics which indicate the quality of the fill, with the most widely used one being 'fill power'. Fill power is a volumetric specification that measures, in cubic inches, the amount of space an ounce of down occupies when allowed to reach its maximum loft. Larger clusters of down have higher fill-power - for example, one ounce of 800 fill-power down will occupy 800 cubic inches when compressed. Superior filling with a high fill-power is fluffier (loftier) and will provide better and more supple support. Fill power can greatly cary, with the normal range from 500 to circa 800; the higher the fill-power, the superior the quality of the down.

We know how important accountability is when sourcing down, and is a factor we take seriously for all our products. We are pleased that our feather and down is ethically sourced - you can read more on our welfare policy here

Our pillows are NOMITE certified and hypo-allergenic, so can be enjoyed by almost all sleepers.

The case for the caring about the shell

The casing (sometimes referred to as the 'shell' or 'cover') is an important component of the pillow. Superior pillows feature pure cotton casing, and high thread-count casing ensures a supple and soft, and importantly, a naturally breathable fabric.

Our pillows are available in a choice sizes, as follows (in cm): 
Standard - 50 x 75 // King - 50 x 90 // European - 40 x 80 // Square - 65 x 65 // Large Sq. - 80 x 80

Turn your pillow-comfort up to 11

Don't forget that your pillow looks way better dressed. Why not check out our range of beautiful bedding - the perfect way to complement your pillow.

If you're looking for a little extra padded comfort, and want to keep your pillow feeling it's best, checkout out our pillow protectors.

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Caring for your pillow

Take care of your pillow to keep it in tip-top shape for (many) years. Taking good care is rather easy and will keep it looking it's best and increase its longevity.

Down (and Feather) Filling

- Fluff up your pillow by giving it a good shake every morning. It's also a good idea to leave it out and allow to air out when changing your bedding.
- Professional laundering is recommended - most competent launderettes offer a 'feather/down' speciality cleaning service. Do not dry-clean.
- These pillows can be machine washed; ensure your washer and dryer has ample space. Use minimal gentle detergent (no softeners, or harsh cleaning agents), and run on a 30/40°C delicate cycle. The pillow should be thoroughly dried on low heat (use drying balls to aid drying process, and remove occasionally to fluff up). Remove promptly when dry.

Synthetic Filling

- These pillows can be machine washed; ensure your washer and dryer has ample space. Use gentle detergent (no softeners, or harsh cleaning agents), and run on a 40°C cycle. Should be thoroughly dried on low heat (use drying balls to aid drying process). Remove promptly when dry.
- Can be professionally laundered - most competent launderettes offer pillow cleaning services.

Silk Pillows

- Professional laundering is recommended.

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