Canadian Goose Down Pillow

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Rest your head on a cloud of comfort. Our Canadian goose down pillow is incredibly lofty, and features a supple pure cotton casing for the ultimate in comfort and support.


STANDARD 50 x 75
KING 50 x 90
EURO 40 x 80
SQUARE 65 x 65

Magnificently lofty down - plump, supple and supportive. The aficionado's pick.

The magnificent pure Canadian goose down - renowned for its quality and rarity - is filled into these spectacular pillows. Its incredible fill-power is some of the fluffiest around, and ensures supple comfort and support.

The pillow is constructed with pure cotton cambric casing and reinforced with double-stitching for superior breathability. Available in 'soft' and filled with pure goose down, or 'medium' pillows which feature an inner chamber with down/feather blend for added support. 

Key features

  • 100% Pure Hutterite goose down
  • Features 800 in³/oz fill-power
  • Pure cotton cambric, 400 thread count down-proof casing
  • Soft firmness: pure goose down | Medium firmness: goose down surround with down/feather core for added support
  • OEKO-TEX® & NOMITE certified, and ethically sourced - read more ➞
  • Packaged in a reusable fabric storage carrier
  • Can be carefully washed and dried - care guide ➞

Canadian Goose Down Duvet | Cuddledown

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"This is the best down pillow I have ever purchased (which is why I have bought a second one). Whilst wonderfully soft, the pillow is also supportive and resilient"


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Customer Reviews

Based on 171 reviews
Jeff W.
Lovely soft Canadian Down pillow

Very impressed with my Canadian down pillow. Lovely and soft down spread very evenly.

Nicola L.
Candain Goode down pillow

I wanted 100% down and no feathers and as I already the Cuddledown Canadian goose down duvet it seemed sense to buy the pillow. It is of the same high quality as the duvet. Pillow is lofty and soft but does spring back into shape. Very pleased with this purchase. Delivery was quick too and pillow comes with a handy zipper bag.

Irene R.
Best pillow ever and crudity free

So, so happy to find a feather pillow that is fully cruelty free.
It's by far the most comfortable pillow I've slept on, super support for my neck.
Had it for 6 weeks it fluffs back each morning with a quick shake, no feathers poking out when changing pillow cases. I could not sleep on a feather pillow regardless of how comfy it was, where birds are plunked while still alive. So really thrilled to have such comfort along with a guilt free sleep, worth every penny.

James H.
A great nights sleep

This is a pillow that is firmish but nice for a great nights sleep. Sleep doesn't always come easy for me so thanks for this super product.

Michael W.
Best pillow ever

I have purchased, many pillows over last 45 years, including pillows from IKEA & Debenhams, Dunelm mill and recently from Mypillow (don't bother with the latter absolute waste of time, a big con trick)
I must have purchased about 40 pillows over this period, in search of the perfect pillow. I have now found it.
Initially I was reluctant to pay £90 for a pillow, but this is without a doubt the best pillow I have ever bought, and worth every penny.
Biggest problem is getting my head off it in the morning, it's so soft and comfortable.
It "plumps up" really well. Get your order in ASAP you won't regret it.😄

Yasemin C.
lovely pillow

It is my first down pillow and I am falling love with it every single night...

Beckie C.

I recently bought the king size Canadian goose down pillow. It’s quite pricey but it is so beautifully soft and comfortable. Like sleeping on clouds and making it so much harder to get out of bed in the mornings!
Worth every single penny and I’ll definitely be back for more.

Joanne D.
Impressed but will go for soft next time!

I ordered the king size Canadian goose down pillow in medium firmness. Having never bought a down pillow before I wasn’t sure what level of firmness to go for so ordered just one pillow to test out. After sleeping on this for a couple of weeks I have decided it’s a little too firm for me (however it’s still very comfortable for sitting up in bed reading, watching tv etc). If you sleep with only one pillow this would be perfectly adequate however I like to have two so when I order the rest of our new bedding I’ll go for 2 soft pillows (maybe my partner will take my medium).
Other than that it is extremely plump, comfortable, no feathers poking out at I get with my down duvet and has definitely improved my quality of sleep.

Tonia N.
Best pillow ever

5 star , great quality , comfort and support for my neck . I would highly recommend this pillow to everyone .

Lorraine P.