Our Story

Hi, we're Cuddledown

You may have known us as My Duvet and Pillow and have noticed some changes have happened - well spotted! Read on for a little sneak of the changes...
Since our humble beginning on the Worldwide Web (back in '07), we've grown a little and felt the time was ripe to re-brand ourselves to better reflect our wide range of bed products (beyond just 'duvets' and 'pillows'). 
We'll be transitioning over the coming weeks, so you may notice both 'My Duvet and Pillow' and 'Cuddledown' brands being advertised during this period. Rest assured, that moving forward you can expect our great level of personal customer service to continue, and along with our approach to sourcing our products directly means you're always in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to our super fair pricing.
Our Cuddledown brand better embodies our 'perfect sleep' narrative, and we can't wait to share some more exciting news and launches in the near future. 
All orders are being dispatched on time, so you'll be having the sleep of your dreams in no time!


Our Story

We've been in the feather and down business for over half a century! What started off as a family run business, founded in the late '40's - and being kept up by what's now the third generation - has now grown into where we are now: the place to buy duvets, pillows and much more for a perfect nights sleep. We pride ourselves in the knowledge we've gained over the decades, and use this to craft some of the finest bed and bath products, all at remarkable prices.

A fair price isn't the only thing we offer. We're always eager to help with any questions you may have, and have tried our best to ensure all the details can be found online (but please do just reach out to us if there's anything you need help with). Our beautiful website is your portal to the most sublime bedding products for the perfect nights sleep. All at fantastic prices, no less.

Our (Simple) Process
At Cuddledown, we pride ourselves in offering truly fine bed products, at a price that's bound to make you smile :) We've sourced the best duvets, pillows, bedding and bedding directly ourselves, so there's no need for unnecessary markups, and we pass these savings on to you!