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All our products are crafted for a sound and healthy sleep. Whether you're looking for a squishy pillow, snugly duvet or some smooth sheets, we have the perfect one for you!

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A note of consideration..

We're absolutely committed to ensuring high standards of animal welfare throughout all stages of the supply chain.

We use goose down because it’s truly one of the lightest and best natural insulators available. You can find million of fluffy little filaments that are truly adept at trapping little pockets of air to provide perfect warmth.

That means that we only use down and feather that's sourced from farms where strict practices and standards are followed - guidelines to ensure the elimination of cruel practices in animal agriculture, and good conditions for the animals whose by-product is used for our products; being a by-product of the food industry means that there is no live plucking of animals.

All of the down we use is hypoallergenic, and in compliance with applicable standards. Our down blends all contain pure down, which is amongst the finest available, and perfect for a snuggly duvet and fluffy pillow.

Our down-fillings are sourced from EDFA-member suppliers to ensure full transparency and traceability from within the EU. The certification process ensures – after thorough inspection - traceability of feather and down from farm to product. Any removal of down and feathers from live birds as well as force-feeding is prohibited, thus protecting the welfare of the animals.

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