Edelweiss | Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

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Rest your head on quintessential cloud-like comfort. Our Edelweiss goose down pillow is incredibly lofty, and features a supple pure cotton casing for the ultimate in support and supple comfort.


STANDARD 50 x 75
KING 50 x 90
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The quintessential - that 'resting-on-the-clouds' feeling.

The Edelweiss pillow is filled with the most incredibly fine pure Hungarian goose down, offering unparalleled support and 'cloud-like' loft and comfort. The supreme goose down filling features 830 in³/oz fill-power and is encased in a down-proof pure Swiss cotton casing, providing a soft and supple feel.

The pillow is constructed with pure cotton Swiss cambric casing and reinforced with double-stitching for superior breathability. Available in 'soft' and filled with pure goose down, or 'medium' pillows which feature an additional 20% pure goose down for additional support. 

Key features

  • Pure 100% Hungarian goose down
  • Features 830 in³/oz fill-power
  • Pure Swiss cotton cambric, 400 thread count down-proof casing
  • Soft firmness: pure goose down | Medium firmness: pure goose down with additional 20% filling
  • OEKO-TEX® & NOMITE certified, and ethically sourced - read more ➞
  • Packaged in a reusable pure cotton storage carrier
  • Can be carefully washed and dried - care guide ➞

It's the details that make us unique.

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"The whole experience was fantastic, my order came quickly and the bedding is supreme. I feel selfish that it is only me that gets to enjoy it!"


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Customer Reviews

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Best Pillow

I've been sleeping on two beat-up 25-year-old down pillows. Traded them out and ordered a soft one, and I haven't missed my old ones since.

I get migraines if I sleep on something too hard or that strains my neck while sleeping. But I also like one that retains its core structure. Time will tell with the durability on this one but I'm happy so far.

Finding a replacement for my duck down pillow of 12 years

Finding a replacement for my duck down pillow of 12 years was always going to be hard but after A LOT of researching Cuddledown proved to offer the best solutions at reasonable prices, a good pillow will always be more expensive, you see these are not 2 for a tenner pillows that last 6 months, they are the best nights sleep when you find the right one that will definitely last years. CUDDLEDOWN delivered exactly what i ordered extremely quickly even in this current period, this was a little firmer than i was expecting but i know these pillows give a little over time which is why i ordered the goose down with 20% extra down (medium) and they DO have a little tag on the pillow to identify this, if you want a pillow that folds around your head straight away then don't get the extra filling (soft) , they will always fluff up with a couple of shakes, keep their shape well, as for price if you pay any less you will be getting a core of feathers instead of down which is ok but these pillows are amazing! Only one down side is that when your family all try your pillow they will all want one, my next purchase will be the same pillow without the 20% extra down just to see the difference before i have to buy a set for everyone, then i will try and convince my partner to try the duvet !!!!!!
Just to note, these pillows have a slight odour when first opened which will fade off but i bet you can't resist using it on the first night.
Big thank you to all at CUDDLEDOWN, no exaggeration to say this is a massive win for me, pillow supplier search over!!!!

So comfortable

Very pleased with my recent purchase of two goose feather pillows. So comfy! And no lumps. A bit pricey but well worth it . I have struggled in my search for the perfect pillows over the years, it it looks like I’ve found the perfect solution. Definitely worth adding the extra bit of filling as an option.

Great night sleep

Delighted with my new pillow soft and cosy no neck pain the next morning.

nice pillow

very comfortable, soft and good support. Bought my girlfriend another one.


Yes pillow is soft but after discussing with sales rep we want pillow that wasn’t bulky, sadly this is not and my wife has not had a good night sleep with this pillow


Xmas present, will my be opened until Boxing Day

Bed linen

Absolutely first class fulfilled all the descriptions

Edelweis Siberian goose down soft

I have slept on soft 100% goose down pillows for the last 20 years, unfortunately the high st store I normally purchase from no longer stocks them, so this was the first experience of buying on line which is difficult as you cannot see or feel. I spoke to someone at cuddle down and explained I needed something soft and light & he advised me to buy the edelweis siberian pillow, it was alot of money and I couldn't wait to receive it!! Well I've given it a week....it is not light or fluffy, I wake up with a pain behind my head, a stiff neck and a crushed squashed ear!!!! This pillow is not Soft, but hard .So I've decided to send it to the pillow cemetery where I hope it rests in peace ...I know I will without it!!!!! So the search continues

Great cushions

Amazing purchase, I have never slept better. So fluffy and light but firm enough for my slipped disk.