How to Choose the Best Pillow for You

How to Choose the Best Pillow for You

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If you’re someone who struggles with falling asleep quickly, getting comfortable in bed can feel like a game of chess. There are so many things to consider. Are your sheets cosy? Is your bedding making you too hot or not keeping you warm enough? Is your mattress causing you grief?  

The list of things that can affect your sleep seems never ending. But some facets of your bedtime routine will make a greater impact on your quality of sleep than others. One major component is the mattress (of course). Then there’s the bedding (you probably saw that coming). But the other major player in the trifecta of a good night’s sleep is something that’s often overlooked or brushed aside - your pillow.

Believe it or not, your pillow is one of the most essential aspects of comfort that will help you fall into a deep and restful sleep.

If you’re like many people, you may not even be sure where you got your pillow. Maybe you inherited it when you moved out on your own. Or maybe you picked it up as an “add on” with your mattress. Whatever the case may be, if you didn’t deliberately choose it for yourself, there’s a good chance it’s NOT the right pillow for you.

Did you know that they make all kinds of pillows that vary in shape and density based on the type of sleep position the user prefers? Really.

All pillows are not created equal, and even a top-quality pillow from the very best shop won’t help you get a good night’s sleep if it’s not the proper shape and firmness.

To help you find the perfect pillow, we’ve assembled a list of what to look for based on how you like to sleep. Whenever possible, test your pillow before you commit. Even if that means you take it home and carefully try it out (don’t ruin the packaging) to make sure it works for you. If it doesn’t, return it and try a different one.

If you are a…

Side Sleeper: Side sleepers need firm support to keep their head up and their spine aligned. From your hips, all the way up to your neck, any lack of support is going to leave you sore or achy. Choose a high-loft (fluffy) pillow with a nice firm core that keeps its solid shape even with the weight of your head.

Back Sleeper: Back sleepers have to take special care to find the right medium-firmness pillow. You want to make sure that the loft is not so high that it pushes your neck up into an unnatural position but also isn’t such a low loft that your head isn’t supported.  

Some side and back sleepers (but not all) like contoured pillows that have a firm lower band for neck support and upper dipped area designed to cradle the head. Test a few out to determine if you prefer a more traditional pillow or a contoured shape.

Stomach Sleeper: Stomach sleepers need minimal support. A light pillow without a lot of structure is a perfect choice. Pick a thin one that doesn’t have too much bulk (so it won’t prop your head up uncomfortably), and you won’t have to fidget all night to get it in the right position.

Multi-Position Sleeper: If you’re someone who flip-flops around all night, it can be even harder to find a pillow that makes you comfortable. You may be best off with a comfy body pillow that you can squish and shape depending on how you feel. If you still want to find a pillow for your dominant sleep position, determine the position you most often wake up in and choose a pillow based on that (side, back, or stomach).

It shouldn’t take long to find the right pillow for you, and once you get that first blissful night of sleep, you’ll know all your efforts paid off. Explore our collection of soft, luxurious pillows and find one that’s just right for you.  

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