Which duvet fillings should I choose?

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Duvets of hollowfibre:

It is a synthetic material with a unique feature of being hypoallergenic which is good for hypersensitivity sufferers.  As these can be machine washed repeatedly dissimilar to feather duvets so it is easy to care for them. These are the most popular duvets. If you do proper care of these duvets then they can last for almost five years. While on the other hand duvets with fillings of feathers, silk and down that are natural materials can last for a very long time. Everything has advantages as well as disadvantages, so same is the case with duvets. These one has  advantages of being hypoallergenic and washed by machine as mentioned above. But on the other hand their tog value can be lost very rapidly if we compared them with the natural substitutes.

Duvets of Down and feather:

Down and feather word in the name of a duvet shows that it contains both of them. The outer part is made up of feather while beneath which is lighter, softer part of down to deliver insulation. The main advantage of this duvet is that it can last longer as compared to synthetic ones if we took proper care of it also it can preserve heat and prevent user from over warmness. The price and the warmth of a duvet depends greatly upon what ratio of feather and down we are taking. While its disadvantage is that its filling can be allergic and professional washing is needed for it.

Duvets of wool:

Use of wool as a filling in duvet is not very common. It is recyclable, biodegradable and maintainable. Wool used for these duvets are taken from sheep and its method is very humane. While for down and feather duvets it is taken from ducks and geese but its method is not very humane. Still it is necessary to check  method and policies by contacting manufacturers. Main characteristics of this duvet are: it can hold heat, wool act as natural anti allergic to and avoid warmness, but it is very expensive and for washing user needs to maintain low temperature.

Duvets of silk:

Just like duvets of wool these duvets are naturally hypoallergenic. It is best for patients of asthma and eczema. Duvets of silk keeps us warm in cold winter months and cool in the hot summer days. But along with advantages there are some disadvantages too. These are very expensive duvet and it needs to wash professionally.

Duvets of microfibre:

These duvets are recently introduced in the market. Difference between duvets of hollowfibre and duvets of microfibre is that former has hollow spaces which later doesn’t have. It is considered to be the lightest duvet among all but a duvet of 14 tog also feels lighter. These comforters are similar to some extent to down duvets. It is also anti-allergic but cannot retain heat.

Difference between hypoallergenic and anti-allergic duvets:

While buying a duvet one must know the main difference between  anti-allergic and hypoallergenic. The term hypoallergenic refers to a duvet which will not trigger allergies. Fillings of  hypoallergenic duvets are not made of something that is possible allergen such as duvets of wool and feathers. Dust mites can be developed mainly on  hypoallergenic comforters. Duvets which are said to be anti-allergic means that they have filling and its outer shell material has been treated to prevent or fight against formation of dust mites. For  people who are fighting with rhinitis, eczema and asthma these duvets are worth to use. But if you are using any one of these duvets and it has developed dust mites, then they can be killed and removal of their allergens is possible by washing at 60°C or above temperature. Anyone who suffers from the following problems by using duvet that is not anti-allergic means that he is allergic to dust mites.

  • Eyes will be red and watery.
  • One will sneezed in bed and have a runny, itchy nose.
  • There will be rashes on skin.
  • Person’s asthma will worsen.
  • Voice of a person will get hoarse in morning
  • Throat will get sore in the morning.
  • One can experience coughing.
  • Other breathing problems can also occur.
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