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Understanding togs:

In simple terms, tog indicates the warmth the duvet will provide; the higher the tog (and thus usually weight of duvet), the warmer the duvet. Of course, choosing a duvet depends on your needs and the weather. Following is an indicator of warmth recommended for the seasons. 

  • Summer duvet: 4.5 tog
  • Spring / Autumn: 10.5 tog
  • Winter: 13.5 tog
  • All seasons: 9 + 4.5 tog that fasten together (clip or button) to form one winter duvet, or can be separated and used individually..

The duvet filling obviously still plays the major role in determining warmth; a 13.5 tog down duvet will be noticeably lighter (and usually provide superior insulation) than a 13.5 tog fibre duvet.

Down Alternative Microfibre Duvet — Cuddledown

Duvet size guide:

Our duvets are available is various sizes to suit your needs. Choosing the correct size is an important and a personal choice - if you wish your duvet to drape your bed, or if you find yourself duvet-tussling with your partner during the night, one size up may better suit your needs!

Our duvet sizes are as follows:

  • Single: 135 x 200cm
  • Double: 200 x 200cm
  • King: 230 x 220cm
  • Super-king: 260 x 220cm


Duvet filling:

Our down duvets are all filled with 100% pure down from their respective regions and are encased in pure cotton covers. Our synthetic duvets are available in a choice of fibre-fills. We also offer a natural silk duvet, filled with superior fine silk.

As you may notice, there are various different down-fillings. Canadian down tends to be sought after due to its rarity and high quality and has a consistently high fill power; Hungarian and Siberian are both fine quality down from their respective regions, with Siberian geese having slightly larger clusters and thus higher fill-power; our Edelweiss collection is filled with pure Hungarian down sourced from only the finest available down with an extraordinary high fill-power. 


What is fill power?:

Fill power, measured in cubic inches is a volume - it's the amount of space an ounce of down occupies when allowed to reach it's maximum loft. The higher the fill power of the down, the larger the actual down cluster is. For example, one ounce of 800 fill power down will occupy 800 cubic inches when compressed. This means that the product is fluffier and loftier, offers better insulation (and allows for a lighter duvet as less filling is required to achieve the same or better warmth and insulation than lower quality down). Fill power ranges from 500 to around 800 - the higher the better.


Casing and Construction: 

All our down duvets boast double stitched edges and baffle box construction. Baffle box is a technique of stitching squares into the duvet to ensure filling remains in it's place to prevent clumping and cold spots in the duvet. As a result, the filling is evenly distributed in pockets and in between each pocket, our duvets have an internal dividing wall which prevents the movement of feather and down, leaving no cold spots in the duvet.

*Please note, the norm for 4.5 tog duvets are to be stitched through (as opposed to internal walls) due to the lower amount of filling used in the duvet.


How do I look after my duvet?

To maintain freshness and prevent odours, duvets should occasionally be spread out and allowed to air out for a couple of hours. 

Should you need to wash your down duvet, make sure great care is taken to prevent damaging the duvet and it's filling. Wash duvet as up-to 40°c using gentle detergents on a gentle cycle in washing machine. 

In order to prevent any dampness, ensure the duvet is thoroughly tumble-dried. Place in dryer for a few hours using a low-medium heat setting and remove from dryer every 60 minutes if possible to air out and fluff for a couple of minutes. To help the drying process and to evenly distribute the filling, place some tennis balls into the dryer with the duvet. Full care instructions can be found in our product handbook.

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