Hollowfibre Duvets vs Microfibre Duvets: Which is better?

Hollowfibre Duvets vs Microfibre Duvets: Which is better?

Hollowfibre Duvets vs Microfibre Duvets: Which is better?

Hollowfibre and microfibre duvets are both made from synthetic materials, which are great for allergy sufferers and children. But which option is best for you? Hollowfibre and microfibre duvets come with their own unique benefits which can help you get a better night's sleep consistently. We will talk you through these benefits in detail so you can decide which synthetic duvet is best for you.

Hollowfibre Duvets

Hollowfibre duvets are a light and breathable, thanks to spacing between the fibres within the duvet. This spacing is what gives hollowfibre duvets its name. Hollowfibre duvets can feel light and springy, which some prefer over a duvet with a heavier feel.

Benefits of hollowfibre duvets

Breathable fabric for warmer nights

There are a number of benefits to having a hollowfibre duvet. They are very adaptable, which makes them a great duvet for use all year round. The spacing between the fibres makes the duvet highly breathable, which is great for warmer nights. Hollowfibre Duvets are also much lighter than other duvet options, making it the ideal choice for warm nights or if you like to use a duvet which doesn’t offer much weight.

Easy to care for

If you’re looking for a duvet which is easy to care for, hollowfibre duvets from Cuddledown are machine washable and are drier safe. This makes hollowfibre duvets much easier to care for than alternative fillings. If you’re looking for a duvet which is low maintenance then a hollowfibre duvet is a great choice for you.

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Hollowfibre duvets use a man made synthetic, meaning they’re suitable for allergenic's who cannot use a feather duvet. Hollowfibre duvets can be washed at 60 degrees, which is the ideal temperature for killing dust mites and bacteria.

Microfibre Duvets

Microfibre duvet offers a down like feel, at a lower price. Microfibre duvets are also a great option for allergenics thanks to its anti-allergy protection for lasting hypoallergenic freshness. Unlike hollowfibre duvets which have spaces between the strands, microfibre duvets are built with tightly woven fabrics which are packed tightly together. Microfibre duvets have a soft and silky feeling.

Benefits of microfibre duvets

Warmth without the weight

If you’re looking for a warm duvet which can help to trap heat during cold nights, you may prefer to choose a microfibre duvet over a hollowfibre duvet. The tightly knit fabrics help to trap heat within the bed, keeping you warmer. While the synthetic fibres may be tightly knit together, they are still light, meaning they can create warmth without the bulk.

Highly affordable duvet

While the quality of microfibre duvets may not be able to match other options such as traditional down duvets, they are highly affordable and come with many down-like qualities which will still help you get a great night’s rest. If you’re shopping on a budget, you should definitely consider a microfibre duvet from Cuddle Down.

Hollowfibre vs Microfibre Duvets: Which is better?

Both hollowfibre and microfibre duvets come with their own unique features and benefits. The better option will depend on your personal preferences of how you want your duvet to feel.


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