Where Does Hungarian Goose Down Come From?

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Hungarian goose down is a super-soft material found underneath the geese's outer feathers.

All goose down is renowned for its fluffiness and thermal qualities, making it the perfect filling for coats, pillows, duvets and more, so much so, that Hungarian goose down duvets and pillows are some of the most sought after items of bedding. However, Hungarian goose down is widely regarded as the premium choice when it comes to bedding and you may be wondering where Hungarian goose down comes from.  

What Is Hungarian Goose Down?

You may not have realised that there are different types of down. For instance, there are various downs from different birds and many countries worldwide, all with their own properties. You may find that a 'goose down pillow' for example can be filled with different types of goose down.

Varieties of goose down and other types of down differ in price, comfort and insulation, among other distinctions. Of all the types of down available, Hungarian goose down is considered the premium filling.

Where on a Goose Does Goose Down Come From?

Hungarian goose down is sourced from the inner layer of geese feathers in the cold climate of Hungary. Down is the softest layer of feathers that is closest to the goose's skin and regulates its body temperature.

Goose down is primarily taken from the chest and belly regions of the birds.

In Hungary, mostly white goose down and semi-white goose down is produced. White goose down is more popular because it is suitable for numerous fabrics due to its light colour, while grey down is only used with dark fabrics.

Hungary is widely recognised as one of the best sources of goose down. 

Is Hungarian Goose Down Better Than Other Types of Goose Down?

Hungarian goose down has many characteristics that make it a superior option to other types of goose down. It provides superb insulation properties, exceptional comfort and high-quality durability. 

Choosing any goose down-filled product will give you highly soft and comfortable bedding. However, it is important to note that products will differ depending on the region of the world they are sourced from. 

Despite coming from the same bird, goose down from other countries have varying characteristics. The difference is due to the climate of the region; the colder the climate, the thicker the down. Hungary faces long, freezing winters each year, and Hungarian goose down is sourced from the coldest parts of the country.

As a result, Hungarian goose down is the thickest down and provides the very best insulation. 

How Is Hungarian Goose Down Sourced?

Hungarian goose down is sourced in two ways. It is either collected as a by-product of the meat industry or gathered as the birds naturally moult feathers as they age. 

For many customers, ethical sourcing practices in the production of their down is essential. Most of the goose down produced in the world today comes from China, where ethical sourcing is not practised.

Because the EU (European Union) enforces strict regulations on the humane treatment of animals, no farms specifically for down production can exist in Hungary.

As a result, ethical down sourcing is followed in Hungary. No live birds can be plucked, trimmed or skinned to obtain down, one of the most inhumane practices of worldwide down production. Therefore, you can rest assured in the knowledge that no birds have been harmed to bring you your comfortable bedding.

Where Do Other Types of Goose Down Come From?

Down from other countries such as Poland, France, Canada, Britain, Scandinavia, Russia, Serbia, and Romania also offer outstanding filling for your duvets, pillows and bedding.

However, goose down from parts of the world with warmer climates have shorter and chunkier clusters. Because of this, more down is needed to fill up the duvet or pillow, making it heavier and less breathable. It is also not as good of an insulator.

Although goose down from any country will offer a luxury filling, Hungarian goose down is widely regarded as the highest quality and premium choice when it comes to bedding. 

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