Why Do People Like Goose Down Duvets and Pillows?

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Goose down bedding is the most luxurious and comfortable choice when it comes to the filling of your duvets and pillows. Whether it be Hungarian, Siberian or any other type of goose down bedding, there are many reasons why people like goose down duvets and pillows more than any other type.

Goose down bedding ensures you get better quality sleep, and are also more durable than any other type of material, meaning you won’t need to replace your bedding as often. 

Therefore, it may be worth investing in some goose down bedding for the long-run! Read on to find out the many reasons why people like goose down duvets and pillows so much. 

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet — Cuddledown
Siberian Goose Down Duvet — Cuddledown
Canadian Goose Down Duvet — Cuddledown

Goose Down Offers Better Temperature Control

High quality goose down bedding, including duvets and pillows, are known for being the best insulators available on the market. 

Goose down is ultra light and very warm - meaning it can keep you cool in the hot summers and even nice and warm during the cold winters! This is due to down material being able to adapt to heat while ensuring moisture is constantly wicked away. 

Duvets and pillows that cannot control heat or bad temperatures are often the reason for a bad night’s sleep, and often cause people to frequently wake up during the night. However, with goose down bedding, you can be reassured that you will never have poor sleep again as it offers great temperature control. 

Goose Down Means Better Quality Sleep

Without a doubt, people like goose down duvets and pillows because they provide a better quality of sleep. In both quality and quantity, the softness and warm nature of goose down pillows allows you to feel more comfortable in bed each night. 

Hungarian goose down pillows and duvets have larger clusters than duck down, which means they have the ultimate (and unbeatable) characteristics of softness, warmth and support. 

Goose down, furthermore, is a great option when it comes to luxury pillows. Goose down pillows allow you to find the right warmth and weight and can help you feel great and comfortable whilst you sleep. 

Treat yourself to a goose down pillow or duvet to have a luxurious and wonderful night’s sleep!

Hungarian Goose Down Pillow — Cuddledown
Siberian Goose Down Pillow — Cuddledown
Canadian Goose Down Pillow — Cuddledown

Goose Down is Durable and Lasts For Longer

Goose down is the preferred choice for many when it comes to their bedding because it is known to be durable and to last for much longer. Although expensive at first, buying goose down bedding is actually cost-effective as it lasts a very long time and does not need to be replaced as often as other types of bedding. 

In addition, goose down duvets and pillows have an extremely high thread count which offers more durability, longevity and comfort compared to other types of bedding filling. Moreover, because goose down is not a feather filling, there are no feathers that can escape from the bedding. Meaning you will have higher quality bedding which is more comfortable long-term! 

Generally, pillows and duvets may only last for 2 or 3 years whereas goose down bedding, if well cared for, can last 5 years or even more! Therefore, making goose down duvets and pillows a great option for your new bedding. 

Goose Down is Anti-Allergenic

Another great thing about goose down duvets and pillows is that they are naturally anti-allergenic - making them ideal for those with bad allergies to have a sneeze-free sleep! 

The properties of a goose down duvet or pillow, when maintained and cleaned properly, will mean that no dust or other unwanted materials that can cause allergies can sneak in. Making goose down bedding very different to other bedding, such as feather pillows, which often usually attract dust and can cause your allergies to flare up. 

Teaming your goose down pillow and duvet with good quality bed linen, furthermore, can also help more to guard against moisture, dust mites and stains. 

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