What is The Difference Between Hungarian Goose Down and Goose Down?

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Goose down is known for being the most luxurious filling for your bedding. Whether your pillow or your duvet, having goose down duvets and pillows can make sure that you have a comfortable night's sleep. 

There are many different types of goose down, this is because goose down can come from many different parts of the world. The most common place to find goose down is in colder environments. 

This is because the geese in these parts have to have warmer bodies in order to stay hot during the winter months. Therefore this goose down is the best to use for pillows and duvets because it keeps you warm and comfortable. 

Places that have the most famous goose down are Siberia, Canada, Hungary and Poland; all these goose down have different features which make them luxurious and comfortable.

Arguably, Hungarian goose down is the best of them all, its resilience as well as the humane nature it is taken means that it is usually the best choice when deciding what type of duvet or pillow to go for. 

Here are some of the reasons why Hungarian goose down is better than any other type of goose down.  

What is Goose Down?

Goose down is the soft under plumage that geese have to keep them both warm and dry. Unlike feathers which have hard stiff quills, down does not, it comes in clusters and it fluffy. 

Goose down is a great way to insulate your bedding and make it fluffy and cosy. Goose down is better than other types of down such as duck down because of its insulating properties, loft and softness which is better than feather, synthetic or other down materials. 

What Makes Hungarian Different to Other Goose Down?

The simple difference between Hungarian goose down and other goose down is that it is from Hungary. 

Other places that have luxurious geese are Canada, Siberia and Poland among many others. 

Hungarian goose down has different properties to other types of down which make it the most luxurious and often most expensive option. However, Hungarian goose down pillows and duvets are always worth buying because of the benefits they will have on your quality of sleep

However if your pillow and duvet are made out of Hungarian goose down then you are guaranteed warmth and a good night's sleep!

Why is Hungarian Goose Down The Best Goose Down?

Hungarian goose down is the best goose down for a number of reasons including:

Hungarian Goose Down Has Larger Cluster Sizes

Goose down is made up of clusters that bedding is filled with, Hungarian goose down naturally has larger cluster sizes.

This is one of the most significant factors in deciding how fluffy bedding is and therefore having larger cluster sizes makes Hungarian goose down bigger and better than other goose down.

Fill power is a common way of seeing how soft and fluffy bedding is going to be, the less clusters needed to fill a duvet or a pillow, the higher the fill power is going to be. 

Hungarian goose down always has a high fill power; this means Hungarian goose down pillows, duvets and general bedding is light and offers better insulation. 

Hungarian Goose Down Is More Resilient 

It is very common for products filled with other goose down or even feathers or synthetic fills to lose their fluffiness very quickly after purchasing. 

They take a lot of time to regain their original shape and it makes for a less comfortable night's sleep. 

This does not happen with Hungarian goose down, because of the natural air pockets that the material has; it means it is more resilient to contour shifts and will last longer than any other filling naturally. 

Hungarian Goose Down Is More Humane 

Due to the fact that Hungary is in the European Union, which has strict rules about the humane treatment of its animals, Hungarian goose down is taken in an extremely humane and natural way. 

This means that possibly unlike other places it is proven that Hungarian goose down is taken ethically and that there are no farms that raise goose primarily for the purpose of sourcing goose down. 

There is also no plucking or skinning of the goose down from live birds. It is natural for the birds to shed once a year and this is often when the goose down is taken.

This might make it a more attractive prospect to purchase than other available fillings.

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