What is So Good About Hungarian Goose Down?

What is So Good About Hungarian Goose Down?

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Down is a super-soft material found underneath birds outer feathers. Down is valued for its fluffiness and thermal qualities and fills coats, pillows, duvets and more.

There are many choices for purchasing a down duvet, but Hungarian goose down is widely considered the premium option. When looking at different down types, you may wonder what the difference is and why one could be regarded as better than the other.

This guide will run through everything you need to know about what is so good about Hungarian goose down. 

Goose Down Provides The Best Insulation

All down products have outstanding insulation properties. You may have come across the term 'fill power' in down product descriptions. The higher the fill power is, the better insulation the down provides.

Compared to duck down, Hungarian goose down has larger clusters, giving it a higher fill power that keeps you even warmer! In nature, down protects the geese from the intense cold and regulates their body temperature in all temperatures.

Therefore, not only will you get superior warmth in the winter, but goose down is also perfect for regulating your body temperature as you sleep all year round - even during the summer months.

Goose Down is More Comfortable

Choosing any down-filled products will give you exceptionally soft and comfortable bedding. However, Hungarian goose down pillows and goose down duvets are considered to be the most luxurious choice.

In every 30 grams of down, there are about two million fluffy fibres that mesh to create insulating air pockets. These are what keep your bedding so soft, comfortable and warm. Hungarian goose down has such a cosy luxury feel that they say it's like sleeping on a cloud!

Goose Down is Most Durable

Being the highest-quality option, Hungarian goose down is also the most durable. Hungarian goose down is known to retain its quality for a longer time. The air pockets adapt to the shape of your body while in use but bounce back without losing their original form or fluffiness.

This ensures that a Hungarian down duvet retains its shape and excellence for a long time to come. Although down is delicate, your Hungarian goose down only needs washing as little as every few years. As a result, it can retain its qualities for a more extended time than other beddings. 

Ethical Down Sourcing

Many customers are concerned with the ethical questions surrounding the sourcing of down. It may be vital for you to know that no birds have been harmed to bring you your comfortable bedding.

Fortunately, the EU (European Union) enforces strict regulations on the humane treatment of animals.

According to these rules, no farms specifically for goose down production can exist. It can only be sourced as a by-product of the meat industry or collected as the birds naturally shed feathers. 

In EU member states, no live birds can be plucked, trimmed or skinned to obtain down; one of the most inhumane practices of worldwide down production.

As an EU member, down sourcing in Hungary adheres to these rules for ethical down. This means that you can rest assured of the ethical sourcing practices in the production of Hungarian goose down.

Is Hungarian Goose Down Better Than Other Types Of Goose Down?

Down is different depending on the region of the world that it comes from. Even though they come from the same bird, goose down from different countries still have differing characteristics.

The variation is generally because of the weather distinction between these regions; the colder the climate, the thicker the down. Hungary is well-known for long, freezing winters, and Hungarian goose down is sourced from the coldest parts of the country.

As a result, Hungarian goose down is the thickest down, offering the very best insulation. 

Goose down products sourced from other parts of the world with more tropical climates have short, chunky clusters.

As a result, more down is needed to fill up the duvet or goose down pillow, making it heavier and less breathable. It is also not as good of an insulator. Although goose down from any country will offer a luxury filling, Hungarian goose down is widely regarded as the highest quality, premium choice. 

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