Is Hungarian Goose Down Suitable For All Seasons?

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It is well-known that Hungarian goose down products have superior insulation properties. Hungarian goose down duvets are some of the most coveted duvets you can buy and are a very desirable choice of bedding.

As a result, a goose down duvet is the best protection for the entire winter season. But these products are also a fantastic all-year-round duvet choice, even for the summer months, with their breathability a very desirable factor when looking for bedding and duvets.

Is Hungarian Goose Down Best for Winter or Summer?

Hungarian goose down products provide exceptional insulation and warmth retention, making them the perfect winter companions. You may have heard the term 'fill power' in down product descriptions.

The higher the fill power, the better insulation the down provides. Hungarian goose down has larger clusters than duck down, giving it a higher fill power keeping you warm and cosy throughout the winter months.

Nevertheless, a goose down duvet is also one of the most pleasant things to accompany your nights of sleep through the summer. Here we go through some of the many ways a good goose down duvet can be perfect for summer nights.

Why Is a Hungarian Goose Down So Good for Summer?

It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for bedding, duvets, pillows and all else besides, with so many different factors to consider. Goose down bedding and goose down duvets are however, some of the most desirable bedding options.

Understanding why and what makes them so coveted is key to choosing the best bedding for your needs.

Goose Down Duvets are Lightweight 

Goose down duvets are incredibly light, making them far more comfortable during summer than heavier duvets. Hungarian goose down is the thickest down, meaning less down is needed to fill up the duvet or pillow. This creates a far lighter product than other types of down.

The lightweight feel is ideal, making a goose down duvet your best companion for all seasons.

Breathability of Goose Down Duvets

One of the most attractive aspects of Hungarian goose down duvets is that they are incredibly breathable. In nature, down protects the geese from the harsh winters and helps them remain at optimal temperatures.

As warm-blooded animals, geese also need to cool down from time to time, and their down helps them do so. Down is not just an excellent insulator for the cold, but it is phenomenally breathable and well aerated to control body temperature in the heat.

Therefore, your Hungarian goose down bedding will not only provide superior warmth in the winter, but it's also perfect for regulating your body temperature as you sleep all year round, even during the summer months.

Wicks Away Moisture

Because down is exceptionally breathable, it reduces the moisture trapped in our duvets as we sleep.

Any moisture from your body is wicked away to evaporate, leaving you cool and dry even on the most humid nights. For the highest possible comfort throughout the night, you'll need a good fabric alongside your down bedding.

Cotton and silk are two supreme materials for wicking away moisture during a hot summer. They are both breathable and soothing on the skin.

Goose Down Can Protect Against Allergies

While allergens are present all year round, they tend to worsen during the summer. Whether you are allergic to the pollen in the air, dust mites or some bacteria, they thrive in the summertime.

As plants pollinate during the summer and pollen, dust and bacteria build up your bedding, and you may be hit by uncontrollable sneezing or a tickly throat. Hungarian goose down is anti-allergenic by design (sometimes referred to as ‘hypoallergenic’), making them perfect for summer and all year round. 

In nature, down protects the birds from bacteria, dirt and microbes that may cause them harm. Your Hungarian goose down pillow or duvet prevents these allergens from accumulating, protecting you from unwanted reactions.

Moreover, because Hungarian goose down is naturally breathable, it doesn't attract dust mites, a common bedding allergy that is attracted to humid environments.

Goose Down Bedding is Low Maintenance

Goose down bedding is great for all season because it is so easy to care for. They are low maintenance products that need to be washed as little as every few years.

They build up very little dirt on or inside of them. Body oils, dust and other dirt from your summer days out do not build up as they would on other duvets and pillows. Even when it finally comes to cleaning them, you can wash them at home in the machine.

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