Is Hungarian Goose Down Hypoallergenic?

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There are many unanswered questions when it comes to Hungarian goose down. For example, whether or not it is hypoallergenic or can cause allergies, if it leads to dust mites or extra warmth

In addition, people often wonder: can you be allergic to goose down? While some may have a goose feather allergy, or symptoms, it is actually extremely rare to have down duvet allergies. 

Here, we will address one of the most common myths about this type of feather filling: whether goose down is hypoallergenic or not.

Goose Down Myth Number 1: Feathers Cause Allergies


Although doctors used to believe that feathers and down could be harmful to allergy sufferers, this is no longer the case. The cleaning and washing processes to which goose down, be it Hungarian goose down or otherwise, is subjected to have improved vastly - so much so that goose down products tend not to smell either.

So, to answer the common question: is goose down hypoallergenic? Yes. Most people that use goose down bedding, such as duvets and pillows, will find their allergies untroubled. 

According to research by Ohio University's Wexner Medical Centre, down filling can be just as innocuous when it comes to allergies as synthetic fibres. As a matter of fact, synthetic fibres can retain the same allergies as Hungarian goose down with proper treatment.

Reasons Why Hungarian Goose Down Is Not Harmful

One of the ways in which Hungarian goose down is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic and not cause allergic reactions in the vast majority of people is in its selection process. This is because not all down or feathers meet the quality standards.

Thus, the most contaminated and dirty feathers are removed, which, no matter how much they are washed, cannot be left totally free of allergens. Hence, the best Hungarian goose farms are those that produce and select only the highest quality down, perfect for the best Hungarian goose down duvets, pillows and bedding.

Goose Down Processing Explained

After goose down has been collected, it must be processed to remove organic matter and contaminants. As we mentioned before, washing is essential to eliminate unpleasant odours such as the typical farmhouse smell. Processing is also essential to ensure that down fibres can be considered hypoallergenic.

When washing goose down, special products such as biological detergents are used to remove contaminants from the down. This ensures that the down is hypoallergenic by removing contaminants. Drying is also essential to guarantee the quality of the down after it has been washed.

Washing Goose Down At Home

Another way to consistently remove allergens and dust mites to ensure they do us no harm is by washing your goose down products properly. It is becoming much easier and quicker to wash your goose down pillows and clothes at home.

A good wash with hypoallergenic detergents, as well as proper airing, drying and vacuuming will help to remove all the mites and contaminants trapped in the down. So, we will have the certainty of knowing that the cushion or pillow will be free of any contaminants. This process should be done on a recurring basis to remove dust mites and contaminants.

Is It a Good Idea to Choose Goose Down If I Suffer from Allergies?

Yes, pillows made with goose down can be a great idea if you are looking for comfort and warmth. This is because goose down stores heat very well and is soft and fluffy.

Due to stricter processing and better detergents, down is becoming safer to use for people with allergies. This is according to research that has found that goose down can be as hypoallergenic as synthetic fibres.

However, we always recommend that you check with your doctor to see if goose down is recommended if you have any allergies. This way, you can be sure that you are sleeping comfortably and safely. It might be better for you to use a down pillow than a synthetic pillow. 

Where Can I Find Hypoallergenic Goose Down Products?

To find goose down products that suit your allergies, it is necessary to read up on the origin of the down. This is because not all farms have the proper processes in place to ensure that their goose down is truly hypoallergenic.

Researching the origin of the down and the processing it receives before being placed into bedding or garments is very important. It can also help to check if the company has some kind of certification that its products are 100% allergen-free.

Then there's Google, where you can search for hypoallergenic Hungarian goose down duvets, pillows, clothing and much more at the click of a button. You can also research which farms produce this type of down or the certifications that back it up. This way, you can be sure that your pillow or duvet has hypoallergenic Hungarian goose down.

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