A Nap Chat with Victoria

A Nap Chat with Victoria

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Beyond decoration, Feng Shui and current lifestyles trends... There are certain points that always coincide when talking about a home in which we feel good. I think we can all agree that our home should be our safe space, a place where we rest, share with the family and feel truly comfortable. A refuge in which we feel sheltered and full, a space to develop your passions, shape your dreams, enjoy your family and, ultimately, be comfortable with yourself.

When we achieve this ideal sense of safeness and refuge, it’s very easy to become a homebody. After all, there is no better way to spend or end the day than in the comfort of our home. Victoria shares with us how she loves spending time at home with her family. As well as enjoying some “me time” every now and then by soaking in a bubble bath and reading a couple of pages of her favourite book.

What’s the feeling you have when you walk through the front door of your home?

When I walk in through the front door of my home I instantly feel at ease, my home has always been my safe space.

What items make you feel most at home?

The items that make me feel at ease are my dressing gown, my blankets, my duvet and lots of bubble baths! I am definitely a ‘comfort over anything’ kind of person.

Where would we most likely find you taking a moment to yourself?

Taking a moment for myself would be lying in a hot bubble bath with the window open, bonus if it is raining outside!

What helps you to really wind down well?

Recently I have found reading a good way to wind down, I am very into manifesting and positive energy so I will surround myself with books on these topics. I also find music a great stress relief.

What are three things you always do before getting into bed?

Three things I always do before climbing into bed: 1) Complete my skincare routine 2) Set my alarm and make sure I have no screen time, therefore I will read a few pages of a book 3) Kiss my daughter goodnight

It’s a Sunday morning. How would you spend it at home?

It’s Sunday morning and I have just woken from a glorious lie in! Who am I kidding? I’m a mum! But my ideal Sunday morning would be to have a hot coffee under the duvet in peace. 

Spending time at home gives us the opportunity to relax in our own personal space and recharge, so that we can go back out into the world feeling refreshed.

Wouldn't you love to have some time to yourself at home every day? We should all do as Victoria, and make time at the end of the day to sink into a good book, chat with our family or even listen to a couple of good tunes before getting into bed.

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