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Hungarian Goose Down Duvet Guide - CuddleDown

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If you've been tirelessly researching Hungarian goose down duvets, you're in good company. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to grasp the full story: what exactly is Hungarian goose down, where does it originate, and what makes it so special?

Here at CuddleDown, we offer a fantastic selection of Hungarian goose down duvets. We want to help clear things up and make sure you have all the facts before you buy. This guide will give you a clear picture of Hungarian goose down duvets, showing you their benefits and helping you make smart choices. Let’s explore what makes these duvets a great option for a good night’s sleep.


Some Common Questions About Hungarian Goose Down Duvets:


  1. What is Hungarian Goose Down?
  2. Why Goose Down Duvets Are the Best 
  3. Understanding Filling Power in Hungarian Goose Down Duvets
  4. Do Hungarian Goose Down Duvets Smell?
  5. Are Hungarian Goose Down Duvets Hypoallergenic?
  6. Where Does the Down in Hungarian Goose Down Duvets Come From?
  7. How to Identify Ethically Sourced Hungarian Goose Down Duvets
  8. Recommendations for Hungarian Goose Down Duvets


So What is Hungarian Goose Down?


Hungarian goose down is a special type of feather filling used to line duvets. 


Among the various types of goose down, Hungarian goose down is often considered the gold standard of duvet filling. It comes from special geese in Hungary - hence the name Hungarian goose down. 


The geese in Hungary are exposed to harsher, colder climates, leading them to develop down that is larger and denser than that of geese from milder climates. These thicker, fluffy down clusters not only give the duvet a luxurious feel but also enhance its insulating properties. 



Additionally, the standards for down processing in Hungary ensure that the down is of the highest purity and cleanliness, which significantly enhances the duvet's durability and comfort.


Why Are Goose Down Duvets The Best Duvets?

Goose down duvets is known to be the best thanks to their superior thermal insulation properties. The unique structure of down duvets has tiny, fluffy clusters that form the undercoating of goose feathers, and naturally trap air. 


This trapped air then creates a thermal barrier that keeps the user warm in winter yet is breathable enough to sleep comfortably during the warmer months. Unlike synthetic duvet fillers, goose down adjusts to body heat and the surrounding temperature, providing an optimal sleeping environment that synthetic materials can’t replicate.


Hungarian Goose Down Fil Power


Fill power is an important way to measure a duvet’s quality and comfort. It indicates the amount of space one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches. 


Higher fill power not only means that the duvet is lighter and more efficient at insulating, but it also signals a higher quality of down. 


Hungarian goose down typically has a fill power ranging from 650 to over 800, making these duvets exceptionally fluffy and light, providing excellent warmth without the weight.


Does Hungarian Goose Down Smell?


The nature of goose down means that it retains both heat and air and potentially even some odours when it comes to owning and looking after a goose down duvet or bedding item. 


Due to its tangled and fluffy form, down can also trap some particles of organic matter. These particles are responsible for some smells you may encounter with goose down.


So, does goose down (or even duck down) smell?


In short, yes, Hungarian goose down can have farm or poultry aromas if it is not treated properly. On most farms, an extensive washing process removes residual organic matter. Naturally, goose down can smell of ‘a farm or poultry,’ however, if properly washed, this does not happen and your down duvet or other item of down bedding will not smell.


Likewise, you may be panicking: “My new duck down duvet smells!”. Don’t fear, this can be combated through some simple washing techniques. Also, looking for quality down products will also ensure that the fabrication process prevents this from happening. 


Is Hungarian Goose Down Hypoallergenic?


Although doctors used to believe that feathers and down could be harmful to allergy sufferers, this is no longer the case. The cleaning and washing processes to which goose down, be it Hungarian goose down or otherwise, is subjected to have improved vastly - so much so that goose down products tend not to smell either.


So, to answer the common question: is goose down hypoallergenic? Yes. Most people that use goose down bedding, such as duvets and pillows, will find their allergies untroubled. 


According to research by Ohio University's Wexner Medical Centre, down filling can be just as innocuous when it comes to allergies as synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres can retain the same allergies as Hungarian goose down with proper treatment.


Is Hungarian Goose Down Ethically Sourced?


Hungary adheres to strict EU animal welfare laws, ensuring that all down is sourced humanely. Hungarian goose down is primarily collected as a byproduct of the meat industry or through natural moulting, ensuring no harm is specifically inflicted on the geese for down collection.


How to look for ethically sourced down bedding


When shopping for down bedding, look for certifications like the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) that ensure ethical practices from farm to finished product. These certifications guarantee that the down is collected ethically and responsibly.


For those interested in experiencing the comfort and quality of Hungarian goose down, we recommend the following products from our collection:

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet by Cuddledown

This duvet offers unmatched warmth and softness, perfect for those chilly nights. Its high fill power ensures a lightweight feel that doesn't compromise on insulation.


Hungarian Goose Down Duvet — Cuddledown

Edelweiss Hungarian Duvet by Cuddledown

Ideal for all seasons, this duvet combines the luxury of Hungarian down with versatile comfort. Its unique construction allows it to adjust to various temperatures, providing a perfect sleep environment year-round.

Edelweiss | Hungarian Goose Down Duvet — Cuddledown
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