Layering Winter Whites: An Expert Guide

Layering Winter Whites: An Expert Guide

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So, it began; watching the temperature drop and warm clothing come out of the storage. Everyone has their perspective on layering to stay warm and cosy (but not sweaty) when it comes to their winter clothing choices. But, we’re to talk you through the technique to layer up the supreme winter hot spot: “the bed.”

Strike an incredible tone with layers of wintry whites and super soft textures like a pro. So, get your hands off the thermostat and stop scrolling through the wearable sleeping bag. We’re making your bed luxurious and warm! One easy way to make your bed more luxurious is all-white bedding with lots of layering.

The best part of building a collection of white bedding is that it's so easy to renovate. All you need is to add a new element; a new bed cover, a new sham or a new decorative pillow.

Base Layer 1: Fitted Sheet. Starting with luxe sheets is a must to form the basis of your layered bed. Evaluate your knowledge of clothing base layers: the base layer closest to your skin is soft, but more importantly, breathable. If you crave a hotel feel in your bed and like it on the crisp side, Percale is your best bet. Alternatively, every season is linen’s season. Our French and Belgian flax Linen Sheets offer a wonderfully textured base– perfect for those who like to sleep slightly more on the cosier side.

Layer 2: Flat sheets. 

So the layering begins. Once again, you have options. The ultimate luxury look and feel comes from our Sateen sheets. We’re partial towards our white Sateen sheets with a grey border for layering winter white. If you’re hungover from a five-star hotel/ spa feel, remember quality matters. If you start with a cheap fitted sheet, putting a low quality flat sheet and poor fill duvet, you will not have the desired end result. 

Layer 3: Duvet.

Inclined towards a heavier-ply sweater? Meet its peer, the duvet. A supple pure cotton casing packed with premium fill adds an element of toastiness. Our Pure silk duvet is warm without the plumpness so your bed keeps looking streamlined and elegant. This is also the cosy key layer that you’ll want to drag off to the sofa for binge-watching your favourite season. 

If you’re the person who loves heavy-duty winter jackets ( and you might occasionally look as if you’re taming the huskies instead of walking to get groceries) you will love Edelweiss; Hungarian Goose Down Duvet.

Meanwhile, hot sleepers (even in the UK) prefer Lightweight duvets. (Believe us, you should see how many of these we ship to Scotland.) Although it is “Lightweight” it’s mighty! when layered properly.

As for the allergy-prone ones (bless you), there is an option of our Down-Alternative Duvets, which imitate our (ethically sourced!) Hungarian Goose Down fill brilliantly. Nevertheless, whatever duvet you choose will layer up nice and contoured when wrapped up neatly into any of our duvet covers.

Layer 4: Bed throw

Add a throw blanket loosely across the middle. Depending on how you’ve layered your bed so far, you can add a final layer for warmth that also amps up your style game. It is also a purposeful end-of-bed layer, for frosty feet. Are you grasping the versatility? Good. Our goal is to increase your style points for layering with winter white.

Layer 5: Standard pillows

Like what you see? (or imagine for now) Keep up the process with our Siberian goose down pillows. Again, whatever pillow you choose, your pillows will look elegant wrapped in our carefully crafted pillowcases

You can also use decorative throw pillows.

In a nutshell, this is a “choose-your-own” venture manual rather than a “how-to” handbook. Mix and match layers and switch things up; you’ll know you’ve nailed it when you wake up feeling refreshed and cosy. It’s okay if you don’t want to leave your “winter cocoon”. Anyways it’s not a bad idea to stay in bed until it’s springtime.

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