Bedding for Sensitive Sleepers

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Are you someone who always has trouble sleeping?

Do you find yourself waking up every morning feeling a little groggy, or perhaps the bedding is always itchy against your skin? Or does the duvet make you feel too hot and sweaty? Or the bedding is simply not cool enough?  

Getting a good night's sleep is not always as simple as slipping into bed and easily falling into a deep slumber! Making sure you have the right bedding is a great starting point to ensuring a well rested sleep. Read on for a curation of some great bedding products ideas for that perfect night's sleep. 

When choosing your bedding products to buy, it's very important to consider is the fabric - some of the most popular fabric choices include:

  • Cotton 
  • Linen
  • Synthetic Fibres 
  • Eucalyptus
  • Silk

Each of these fabrics have their unique characteristics and benefits. Linen, for instance, feels cool because of its characteristic looser weave, eucalyptus fibres are known to be super breathable, silk has a luxury rich feel, and pure cotton tends to feel smooth and supple. 

In essence, all natural fibres will feel amazing and your choice of fabric depends on your personal preference.

Great sheets for a cool sleep

We have a lovely range of luxury pure cotton bedding, Cotton is naturally breathable, and a great fabric for a comfy sleep, no matter the weather. Cotton percale is uniquely lightweight and smooth, making it a great option for warmer nights. Why not explore our range of Pure Cotton Percale, with our duvet covers, fitted or flat sheets and pillowcases available for individual purchase, or it can be purchased as a set

Our bedding can be used all year long, no matter the season! In the summertime, you'll awake feeling cool and relaxed, and in the winter, you'll feel warm and cosy! 

Mattress Protectors 

Mattress protectors are often an overlooked bed staple. They're a great way to both improve the comfort and longevity of your mattress with an added layer of protection. 

Protectors, available as a mattress protector and pillow protector, are a great way to look after your bedding. For sensitive sleepers, these are a great option to minimise common allergens. Our range of pure cotton protectors offer a great blend of comfort and protection, providing naturally breathable quilted comfort and protection. 

Pillows and Duvets  

Fret not sensitive sleepers, there are some great choices available for a snuggly and comfortable duvets and pillows! Here at Cuddledown, we have a range of down-alternative duvets and pillows — a great choice of either naturally or synthetic options. All our down duvets and pillows are OEKO-TEX® & NOMITE certified, so you can have a comfortable nights sleep, no matter the duvet or pillow you choose. 

Here is a list of our down-alternative pillow recommendations:

Coolflow Pillow - Temperature Regulating
Down-alternative Pillow - Sanitized® Approved Anti-allergy
Pure Silk Pillow - Natural Materials

And here is a list of our down-alternative duvet recommendations:

— Down-alternative Duvet - Sanitized® Approved Anti-allergy
— Pure Silk Duvet - Natural Materials

Final Thoughts

We've curated our recommendations provided in this article to showcase our range of bedding products which are suitable for all sleepers. Why note head over to our storefront to shop and explore our wide range of products at wonderfully fair prices!

Better Sleep Wellness

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