What the Colours in Your Space are Doing for You

What the Colours in Your Space are Doing for You

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What the Colours in Your Space are Doing for You

Ever noticed how your mood changes when you walk into a different room? Do you think it’s simply by chance? Or is there some scientific reasoning behind it? 

Chances are the different rooms you walked in had a different colour spectrum. You may be asking yourself: can colours really influence your mood? And if so- how does colour affect mood? 

Colour psychology, which is a specialisation within psychology, explains the entanglement between colours and feelings!

Colour Psychology 

A quote by Pablo Picasso perfectly captures the essence of colour psychology. It goes, “Colours like features, follow the changes of emotion.”

Colour, indeed, is a very powerful tool that can have a real-time impact on your mental and physical health. This is the reason why you instantly feel relaxed when you walk into a room painted green or yellow. It is also why warm whites, such as light pink, induce a sense of freshness. 

Colour psychology also explains why long, dark winter nights leave you feeling gloomy and tired. Chromotherapy (also known as colour therapy) is widely used to counter these ‘winter blues’. It makes use of color and light as healing mechanisms to induce feelings of wellness.

Psychological Effects of Colour

— Warm Tones 

Warm tones include red, orange, and yellow. These colours are radiant and stimulating, and they may make you feel cosy and alive at the same time! 

Red stimulates love, anger and passion. Physiologically, the colour red raises blood pressure and increases respiration rate. On the other hand, yellow is commonly known as the colour of happiness and it has a tendency to make people feel at ease and relaxed. 

If you are looking to add very limited colour into your room but want it to pop, warm tones are your answer. Keep the beddings neutral and paint one wall in the room a shade of red or yellow! To make the room even more cosy, you can pair the supple Cotton Sateen Bedding with a soft and lightweight Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

— Cool Tones 

Cooler tones include the colours blue, purple and green. These colours should be your go-to if you’re looking for a ‘down-to-earth’ vibe. 

Blue is commonly associated with calmness, purple with relaxation and green with rest. Unlike warmer tones, these colours don’t tend to draw attention towards them. Instead, they make the space feel spacious and breezy! 

If you’re drawn towards painting your bedroom with a cool tone for the serenity they offer but don’t want to miss out on the coziness that warmer tones have to offer, there is a simple solution! You can buy Pure Cotton Beddings along with  some wonderful Down Pillows

— Neutrals 

Neutrals include black, white, grey, brown and metallics! Each neutral colour has its own characteristics. Black is associated with elegance while browns offer a sense of warmth. On the other hand, whites, including true whites and warm whites, such as yellow-ish and pink-ish white, offer a sense of purity and freshness. 

Neutrals give a lot of freedom to experiment with colour. They act like a clean slate on which you can add splashes of any colour! It’s always a good idea to keep your duvets and pillows of a neutral colour. This way you will be able to add a range of colour to the rest of the room! 

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