How Often Should You Change and Wash Your Bed Sheets?

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How Often Should You Change and Wash Your Bed Sheets?

Nothing beats the feeling of crawling into a freshly made bed. As much as you would want it to last forever, it doesn’t. If you're lucky enough to manage 8 hours of sleep a night, you're spending 56 hours in bed every week. So, for good hygiene and comfort, it's worth considering how often your bed sheets should be washed and changed.

Laundering Bed Sheets Frequency

The short version: it's best to wash your bedding (that's sheets, pillowcases and your duvet covers) at least once a week, and more often during hotter seasons, and not as often for less used beds.

Recent studies have shown that some of us Brits wash our bed sheets as seldom as once a year (we're not judging)! Sleeping in unwashed bedding can lead to reactions such as breakouts and skin allergies; no-one wants to sleep in unwashed bedding with accumulated sweat and dust mites. 

If you have pets, particularly one that snuggles up in your bed, it's best to wash your sheets twice a week for a continuous dose of fresh bedding! On the same lines if you have kids under potty training and they soil the bed, doesn’t need to be said but yes, the frequency would be different.

For sensitive sleepers - such as allergy-prone or asthmatic - laundering your bedding more frequently may help relieve and reduce symptoms.

Some Tips for Washing Your Bedding. 

It's best to follow the product care instructions when washing your bedding, as washing instructions may differ, depending on the fabric of the bedding. The recommended washing temperature for cotton bedding is 40℃, though 30℃ is even better for the environment, and most detergents designed to wash just great at the lower temperature.

We don't suggest the use of fabric conditioners/softeners in your bedding wash (though these may add a lovely smell!), as it may cause fading and a washed-out fabric colour, leading to degradation over time.

Due to the size (and weight) of washing a bedding set, we recommend washing these on their own cycle without other items, especially those that may lead to abrasions (such as zippered hoodies) or colour-leak onto the bedding. 

Hang-drying (weather permitting) is an easy and environmentally-conscious way to dry your bedding, though popping them in the dryer is fine and should be places on a low-heat setting.

Having a few sets of bedding (in different colours) is a great way to refresh the look of your bedroom as well as making sure you're never without a set on your bed when the other is in the wash.

Sleep, Only better — A few simple habits can make a lot of difference, and here at Cuddledown we have a great range on bedding products in a range of fabrics and beautiful colours.

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