7 Ways to Improve Your Skin While You Sleep

7 Ways to Improve Your Skin While You Sleep

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Good sleep is imperative for your wellbeing, and is the opportunity for your body to hit the reset button! As well as the myriad of mental benefits of a good night's sleep, we'll be focusing on the positive effects a good nights rest on your skin.

1 — Change and wash bed sheets frequently

Ideally, your bed sheets should be washed and switched on a weekly basis. When you're asleep, the body naturally sheds dead skin cells which accumulates in your bed (not very pleasant) and these dead cells can clog pores and lead to new breakouts. Washing your bedding on a regular basis will clean it of the skin-clogging debris ensuring that your skin is resting in a comfy and clean bed once again, and you'll be waking to more radiant-feeling mornings.

2 — Moisturise your skin (daily and nightly)

Establishing a skin-care routine is an essential part of daily self-care that centres on moisturising and rejuvenating the skin. As part of of your skin-care, consider adding Hyaluronic acid to your routine, which is the key to attaining a dewy, healthy glow (by helping to bind water to skin cells). It's a great addition to your pre-bedtime routine and best to apply after a rinse when your face is dry  as it is a humectant, which means that it pulls in water to hydrate the skin. 

3 — Your bedding matters (and natural fibres are best)

Studies have shown that natural materials (such as cotton, linen or silk) may have skin ageing benefits, as these tend to be naturally soft and breathable. With your face resting on the pillowcase, movement in your sleep means your face is occasionally rubbing against your pillow which may lead to dry or itchy skin. Natural fibres with a higher thread-count are super smooth and supple thus providing a smoother surface for your face to rest upon.

4 — Choose cooler materials

Inferior pillows and bedding usually contain cheaper synthetic fibres and fills, which aren't very breathable and tend to trap heat, making for a more uncomfortable sleep experience. Natural fibres are cooler, naturally, and more breathable, which allows for a more comfortable sleep no matter the temperature. Seasonal bedding is also ideal. The jersey, T-shirt material bedding can be kept for the wintertime, while the much lighter sheets are used for the summertime.

— Refresh your bedding collection

Keep you skin feeling its healthy best and change your bedding every couple of years; well washed and aged bedding loses it's lustre over time.

— Keep your head elevated

Having a supportive pillow will keep your head in a comfortably position. A raised head has been proven to minimise acid reflux and even reduce snoring -  issues which disturb the quality of your sleep (which does not do your skins any favours). Raising your head in bed is as simply as choosing the right pillow, and adjusting your position to rest your head in a slightly elevated position.

— Keep your bedroom fresh

Keeping your bedding clean and fresh is a great part of your skincare routine. But don't forget all the components that make up your bed: your mattress, duvet and pillow. Improve the longevity and comfort of your mattress with a protector (a cotton one is super breathable). Fluff up your duvet and pillow on a daily basis, and allow then to remain uncovered for a little when washing/changing your bedding; duvets and pillows can often be washed at home (be sure to check the care labels!). Don't forget to properly store your bedding products when not in use as it'll keep dirt and dust at bay.

 — Bonus Tip —

Use a Humidifier. When atmospheric air becomes too dry, it leads the reduction of moisture on your skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull. The use of a humidifier to saturate the air with moisture assists in keeping your skin more radiant and supple no matter the season.

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