How to Style your Bedroom for Autumn

How to Style your Bedroom for Autumn

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Are you looking for ways to get your bedroom ready for the autumn season? Getting ready to enjoy the long nights or perhaps even getting it organised for Christmas Eve! Whilst the nights are starting to grow longer and darker, now is a great time to rejuvenate your sleep habitat . Here are some tips on how you can style your bedroom to make it autumn-ready. 

Deep Clean Your Bedroom 

First and the foremost: give your room a good clean. Dust and clean unusually untouched areas like under the bed, and on top of the cabinets (if you have one). Wipe those window panes sparkling clean so you can see the pitter-pattering rain drops when you snuggle up in your warm and cosy bed. 

Declutter And Organise

Get rid of the extra furnishings lying around in your bedroom. Organise your cabinets, sideboards or any other storage space in your bedroom. Give away or donate your unused items and clothing, for a touch of warmth to start the chilly season. 

Insulate Your Bedroom 

In the cold autumn nights, as much as you would like to curl up under your cosy duvet, minimising the need to amp up the thermostat just to keep your bedroom warm is also a great way to save on energy. So, it is a great idea to keep a check on the insulation of your bedroom. Check the possible ways of heat escape, the windows or the doors etc. for a more energy-efficient room.

Integrate Autumnal Colours

If you want to bring autumn indoors, take in some autumn colours into your bedroom. Subtle shades of red colour, orange, yellow and brown are the dominant colours you can mix and match to give your bedroom an autumn look. It's not necessary to match your autumn theme to mimic the outdoor colours - you can brighten it up if you want to create a contrast to the environment outside. Colours not only brighten up your room, but can also affect your mood. Read more and learn What the Colours in Your Space are Doing for You

Add Cushions, Throws And a New Bed Sheet Set

Give yourself a fresh feel (especially after the last locked-down autumn!) Add more pillows and cushions to your bed and layers can be a great way to give your bedroom a cosier and fresh feel. Replace your bedding occasionally with a fresh set, as the look and feel of a fresh-looking bed and bedroom is refreshing; a new bedding can transform the look of your bedroom.

Transform With a Fresh Paint Or New Wallpaper

If you haven’t didn't manage some DIY during lockdown, then maybe transform your bedroom this autumn with a fresh lick of paint or wallpaper. It all depends on your choice, and whether you go for a nice fresh shade of paint or are a little more wallpaper-savvy, it really can give your bedroom a whole new autumn look.

Warm Lighting 

Bedrooms usually have warm lighting. However, if your bedroom doesn’t have one, you may like to switch them to warm for autumn. You can also add something like a warm light lamp to your room for reading during the long chilly nights. 

Add Some Plant Foliage

Consider adding a plant to a bare or unloved corner of your bedroom, which can bring freshness and some colour to your entire bedroom. Not only will you gain a cool new corner, but it'll also purify the air in your room; Philodendron is a top pick if you're after a potent purifying plant. Not much beats the feeling of caring and watering your plant and watching it grow. 

Scent The Atmosphere 

Candles and diffusers create a great cosy atmosphere for a relaxing night. The sweet smell of an autumn scent running through the air in your bedroom during a rainy night is just lovely and calming. Select from seasonal favourites like ginger and pumpkin to complement your regular favourites. Adding a diffuser to your room also helps you sleep better. 

Sweet Dreams!

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