How to Sleep Better and Alleviate Neck Pain

How to Sleep Better and Alleviate Neck Pain

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Do you know that over 16.7% to 75.1% of the global population suffer from neck pain? And in Britain, cases of back and neck pain are at a 5-year high. A sore neck can affect your sleep and lead to further complications. But if you can bring certain changes to your lifestyle, you can minimise the risk and get rid of neck pain. 

Correcting your sleeping postures is a simple yet effective way to alleviate neck pain. Your sleeping posture, mattress and pillows you choose directly control your spine position. That’s why changing the way you sleep can help you better with neck pain management and care.

How to Sleep with Neck Pain?

1. Sleeping Postures

Sleeping on your back automatically supports the neck and its natural curvature. But what if you're a side sleeper? Experts at the Harvard Medical School who published an article on the Harvard Health Publishing, opine that sleeping on the back and side are good for spine health.

When sleeping on your stomach, the neck bends at a sharp angle against a pillow and strains the spine. This creates abnormal pressure on your neck. That’s why side sleeping and back sleeping are recommended.

2. Choose the Right Pillow

Pillows are extremely important in promoting good sleep and maintaining correct postures for neck pain. Different experts recommend different pillows depending on the type and severity of neck pain. The right pillow can reduce neck pain and provide support to the neck.

When choosing pillows for neck pain, pay attention to the following attributes:

  1. Shape: From down to round, contour to cervical, there are various types of pillows for your neck support. You can choose what gives you more comfort and helps reduce pain. If you’re looking for an all-season favourite and comfortable pillow, go for Edelweiss Siberian Goose Down pillows.
  2. Firmness: Your pillow should be sufficiently firm to hold your head at the right angle and provide the best support; and at the same time, soft to relieve the pressure points. You can go for medium firmness with added support.
  3. Material: Feather pillows come with the best mix of firmness and softness. These are ideal for those looking for the best quality, lightweight material that provides the best support for the neck. In addition, you can go for memory foam or latex or any other type of pillows that provide the best comfort.

3. Sleep on the Right Mattress

Your sleeping posture doesn't only depend on pillows — your mattress also influences this.

For heavier people, a soft mattress can dramatically increase stress on their neck and shoulders which can aggravate pain.

That's because extra plush mattresses unable to handle the body weight make the body sink creating an unnatural curve.

If you are choosing a firm mattress, ensure that you're sleeping on a soft and higher pillow to regulate weight, maintain a healthy curvature, promote good sleep and alleviate neck pain.

But if you're lighter, medium to soft mattresses can aid the right alignment of the spine and prevent pressure points, and thus, help alleviate neck pain.

Neck pain is a serious issue; you shouldn’t ignore the early symptoms and immediately consult your physician or chiropractor. 

By following what your doctor says, correcting your sleeping postures, eating healthy, doing the right exercises you can stay fit and relieve neck pain.



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