How to Style Neutrals: 3 Tips to Make a Beautiful Bed

How to Style Neutrals: 3 Tips to Make a Beautiful Bed

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Neutral colour schemes are classy, fashionable and relaxing all at the same time! There’s absolutely no reason why someone would not want neutral themed beds and bed sheets. 

A neutral slate on the bed provides you with the freedom to explore and experiment with a range of different colours in the rest of your bedroom. Even more so, neutrals provide a relaxing and laid back environment! You can count on your neutrals to provide you with an unparalleled comforting experience when you come home after a long day! 

Now, to the practical part: how to style neutrals? We have curated 3 tips below, to make a beautiful bed! 

— A Good Old Plain White Bedsheet 

This idea may seem bland to many. However, rest assured, it is not! Once this plain white bedsheet is paired with a bed, which is warm coloured, such as brown or orange, the plain bed sheet will fit in perfectly! 

A white bed sheet will give your room a hotel-vibe, which can be appealing to many. If that is something you like or are simply looking to make your room more vibrant, a painting is always the answer! 

You can buy a plain white bedsheet from Cuddledown. They are available in two cloth types- pure cotton sateen and pure cotton percale. The quality of these sheets are fantastic and your sleep will instantly improve when you start using them! 

A Good Old Plain White Bedsheet — Cuddledown

— Mix Different Shades of White 

This style is for those of you who don't like their beddings to be plain while, but would still like to hold onto the white colour. Mixing different shades of white allows the weavings on the sheets to pop out and catch the eye! 

When you have only used white for your bedding, although with different shades, you still have the freedom to experiment with the colour palette for the rest of your room! Be it with rugs or paintings, or a whole new lively wall paint. 

Mix Different Shades of White — Cuddledown

— Add Pops of Colour 

Just because you want a neutral colour themed bed does not mean you can’t add colour to it. You can add pops of warm colours, such as peach. So where exactly do you add the peach? 

There are numerous ways to add pops of colour and you can pick any, depending on how much colour you want to add! If you would like a lot of colour, you can make your bedsides peach in colour. If you want a more limited or subtle addition of colour, you can add colourful rugs or vases. Another way to add limited colour is also to use colourful covers for pillows or duvets only! 

Add Pops of Colour — Cuddledown

Final Remarks

Your bed is a place where you retreat and relax at the end of every day! So, make sure that your bed is comfortable. One way to do that is style your bed right and this article helps you do just that! 

We hope this article was informative and provided you with ideas to style your bed! 

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