Can Goose Down Go In The Washing Machine?

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Goose down bedding is the most comfortable and warm option to keep you cosy throughout the night.

If you have a goose down duvet or goose down pillows; you may be wondering if you can clean your pillows or duvets in the washing machine. This guide will run you through everything you need to know about how to clean goose down

Can I Put Goose Down Bedding in the Washing Machine?

Before putting anything in the washing machine, you should always check the label for care instructions.

If the label shows the machine symbol, then it is safe to put your bedding in the washing machine. However, you will need to wash your duvet slightly differently from regular clothes.

Should I Dry Clean My Goose Down?

You may find it easier to take your down products to be dry-cleaned. However, unless the care label advises against it, you can definitely wash your goose down at home.

Sometimes, this is safer than dry cleaning, as the cleaner may not familiar with down products and will possibly use harsh chemicals that could damage goose down.

How to Wash Goose Down at Home

If your goose down bedding is in need of a refresh, you can use your washing machine at home to clean it.

However, you'll have to make sure your machine is big enough.

You'll need a large, front-loading washing machine that can take at least 7kg, depending on the size of your duvet. If your machine isn't big enough, you could alternatively go to a laundrette.

Step By Step Method for Cleaning Goose Down with a Washing Machine:

  1. Before washing your goose down duvet, there are some things to check. Look at the care label to ensure the bedding is suitable for machine washing. Then, check for any holes or tears. If there are, these must be sewed before washing to prevent feathers from escaping. Lastly, see if there are any stains. These will need pre-treating with stain remover and cool water before washing.
  2. Once you have made the proper checks, you can load the duvet into your washing machine.
  3. Next, add the detergent. Be sure to use a mild detergent and don't put in too much. The ideal choice is a detergent designed for down or wool. Regular detergents can be too harsh and harm the material. Down duvets are also super absorbent, so using half the normal amount is recommended. Top tip: Never use fabric conditioner on down as it will reduce its quality and fluffiness. 
  4. Now you're ready to start the wash cycle. Select a temperature of no more than 30 or 40°c and a spin speed of 800rpm at most. It's also best to add an extra rinse cycle before the spin to ensure all soap has been removed.

How Often Should I Wash My Goose Down Bedding?

Fortunately, goose down needs very little maintenance to remain a high-quality material. It is recommended to air out duvets and fluff up pillows every so often to keep your bedding crisp and fresh.

So long as you're using a duvet cover, your down only needs to be washed every two years! For pillows, annual washing is best to keep them clean and fresh. 

You should avoid fully washing your down bedding more than is recommended. This will ensure that your bedding remains at its top grade for years to come.

If you spill something on your bedding, you can spot treat the stains with a mild detergent or stain remover. 

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