Why Are Hungarian Goose Down Pillows Best?

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Hungarian goose down pillows are super-soft and valued for their fluffiness, comfort and durability. They are filled with down: the material found underneath a goose's outer feathers.

There are many choices for purchasing down, but Hungarian goose down is widely considered the premium option. In this guide, we will run through some of the many reasons why Hungarian goose down pillows are the best choice.

Goose Down Pillows Are Most Comfortable

Hungarian goose down pillows are regarded as the most comfortable of all options. Around two million fluffy fibres mesh together in every 30 grams of goose down, creating insulating air pockets.

These fibres keep your pillow so soft and comfortable. Although Hungarian goose down pillows can be more expensive, if it is comfort you're looking for, Hungarian goose down is the right choice for you. 

Goose Down Pillows Are Durable

Hungarian goose down is the highest quality and most durable material for your pillows. Although it can be pricey, Hungarian goose down is known to retain its quality for a longer time.

The air pockets in your pillow adapt to the shape of your head while you use it but bounce back without losing their original form. This means that a Hungarian down pillow will retain its shape and excellence for a long time and can be easily washed.

Therefore, purchasing Hungarian goose down pillows should be considered a solid long-term investment in your sleep. 

Goose Down Pillows Are Low Maintenance

Goose-down bedding is an excellent choice because it is easy to care for. Although down is a delicate material, your Hungarian goose down only needs washing as little as every few years.

The pillows build up very little dirt on or inside of them. Body oils, dust and other dirt do not build up as much as they would on other pillows. As a result, Hungarian goose down continues to be top-quality pillow filling for longer, ensuring it will last for years to come.  

Goose Down Pillows Provide Protection From Allergies 

Hungarian goose down is hypoallergenic by design, helping to protect you from hay fever and dust allergies. Hungarian goose down is so good at this because, in nature, it protects the birds from bacteria, dirt and microbes that may cause them harm.

Often, pollen, dust and bacteria build up your pillows, causing sneezing or a tickly throat. However, a Hungarian goose down pillow prevents these allergens from accumulating, protecting you from unwanted reactions.

Moreover, because Hungarian goose down is naturally breathable, it doesn't attract dust mites, a common bedding allergy that is attracted to humid environments.

Goose Down Pillows Are Ethically Sourced

For many people buying new pillows, the origins of the filling material are important. While there are ethical questions surrounding down sourcing, the process of getting Hungarian goose down is kept to strict regulations.

As an EU member, down sourcing in Hungary adheres to strict ethical rules for the humane treatment of animals. No farms specifically for down production exist in Hungary; it can only be sourced as a by-product of the meat industry or as the birds naturally shed feathers.

Additionally, no live birds can be plucked, trimmed or skinned to obtain down; one of the most inhumane practices of worldwide down production. If ethical sourcing practices are important to you, it may be worth spending a little more to get a Hungarian goose down pillow.

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