Can I Wash Goose Down Pillows?

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Yes, you can wash your goose down pillows. It is as easy as washing any of your clothes and you do not need to worry about running your pillow. 

Many people sleep on old, dirty pillows because they are worried about washing their pillow due to problems after washing synthetic pillows. Goose down has no such problems.

This guide will show you how to wash your goose down pillow, the top tips for doing it and then how to dry it after washing it. 

How Do You Wash A Goose Down Pillow? 

The easiest way to wash your goose down pillow is by putting it in the washing machine.

Washing your goose down pillow is much quicker and easier than washing a synthetic pillow. Putting a synthetic pillow in the wash could lead to it becoming lumpy and ruining the pillow entirely. 

However, because of the natural fillings in goose down pillows that make them so comfortable, they are able to be put into any washing machine no matter the size. 

You can make your pillow last longer than any other pillow you've used before because you can rewash a goose down pillow as many times as you would like.

Top Tips For Washing Goose Down Pillow

The key to making sure that your goose down pillow is washed properly is making sure that they are fully rinsed and dried so as to keep their thickness and density. 

There are some top tips that you can use to make sure that your goose down pillow comes out perfectly washed and ready to use after dry. 

Make sure that there are two pillows in the washer so as to keep the washer balanced on the spin cycle. 

Although you can still wash a goose down pillow in warm or hot water it might be better to use cold as hot water can sometimes cause shrinkages in goose down pillows. 

Use gentle soap with no additives and if possible put on an extra spin cycle so that you can make sure that all the soap is gone when the down pillow is washed. 

Lastly, use the fastest spin cycle possible to make sure all the moisture has got out.

Do not use softener when washing your goose down pillow as it can reduce the fluff of the pillow once dried.

How To Dry A Goose Down Pillow

Obviously once you have washed your goose down pillow you need to make sure it is dried properly so that you can continue having an incredibly comfortable pillow to sleep on. 

It is important to note that it may take multiple dry cycles to get your pillow dry so you have to be patient with it because it is a very dense pillow. 

If there is any sort of lumpiness or odour then your pillow is not fully dry and it needs to go back into the dryer.

You can test if it is dry with your hands before putting through for another cycle and always err on the side of caution. 

Tennis balls or sheets are also a great way to fasten your drying speed if you are in a rush. 

Once dried, your goose down pillow will be wonderful and fresh so that you can continue having an amazing night’s sleep with your goose down bedding.

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