The Benefits of Using a Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

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Hungary is the largest producer of high-quality goose down bedding. Hungarian Goose Down is known for being the best down in the industry and Hungary has a rich culture of providing down bedding. 

This guide will explain the benefits of using Hungarian goose down duvets and why you should think about purchasing one from Cuddledown’s collection!

What is Hungarian Goose Down?

Goose down bedding is made from the underbelly of a geese. As geese fly all over the world in both warm and cold climates, their feathers are lightweight and waterproof for their journeys. 

When bedding is made from these feathers, it becomes light and warm just like the feathers on the bird itself. 

As Hungarian geese are often faced by harsh winters, their down is known for its warmth and fluffiness. 

Hungary mainly produces white goose down and semi-white goose down. 

The Benefits of Hungarian Goose Down for Duvets 

Hungarian goose down duvets naturally have many benefits that allow for a great night's sleep.

Here are some of the reasons why using a Hungarian goose down duvet is beneficial to you:

Fill Power of Goose Down

The effectiveness of a down duvet comes from its fill power. The fill power measures the quality of a duvet and Hungarian goose down duvets have the best fill power. 

Fill power is calculated by measuring how many cubic inches an ounce of down creates at its maximum loft.

The higher the fill power the bigger the air chambers and therefore the better the duvet because it means it is more insulating and warm. 

For an ultra light and extremely warm duvet, Hungarian goose down is the best to pick as it has a high fill power. 

Moreover, Hungarian goose down duvets with a high fill power will last longer because its fibres are less fragile. 

Hungarian Goose Down is a Great Insulator

Down is recognised as the world’s best natural insulator and Hungarian goose down is the best quality down available. 

This means that your Hungarian goose down duvet will be extremely warm at night helping you to have a comfortable night's sleep. 

Down provides three times the warmth compared to feather duvets and is also the material used for mountaineering jackets. 

If you like to stay warm at night whilst remaining comfortable than a Hungarian goose down duvet is definitely the best option for you. 

Hungarian Goose Down is Lightweight

Hungarian goose down pillows and duvets are also known for their lightweight nature and fluffiness. 

Due to the material used in the duvets, Hungarian goose down duvets are light and avoid the clamminess that other synthetic duvets cause.

The lightweight nature of the duvet also means that it is perfect for both winter and for summer

In the winter the warmth of the duvet will allow you to be comfortable during the cold months and in the summer the lightweight nature of the duvet will mean you can stay fresh and ventilated whilst remaining comfortable when it is hot.

Better Sleep With Goose Down

Lastly and possibly most importantly, Hungarian goose down duvets will give you a better night's sleep. 

For all the reasons stated above, its natural insulating properties and lightweight nature, Hungarian goose down will give you a level of comfort that you have not experienced before in a duvet.

It is proven that goose down naturally calms your temperature to a point where you can sleep in comfort and warmth. 

You can be confident of getting a good night's sleep when using a Hungarian goose down duvet

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