Everything You Need To Know About the Down Pillow

The Ultimate Guide to Down Pillows: How to Care for Your Down Pillow

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The bottom, soft and fluffy part of the bird’s feather is what makes up the down pillow. The texture feels almost like cotton candy. Hence, you can imagine - this pillow feels incredibly soft and luxurious. There is a reason why most premium hotels stick to down pillows. 

 What are the benefits of a Down Pillow?

The great thing about this pillow is that they’re an investment. It can last years because they’re refillable. To add to why people love them so much - they provide almost customized support for your neck. It's amazing how the pillow fits around your head and neck as you sleep. Almost like a soft, luxurious adult cradle.


We’ve ve talked about the benefits of down pillows in a previous post but to give you the rundown:

  1. Down Pillows adapt to your body making it perfect for those who suffer from neck pain. You’ll never want to go back to a cheap and poor quality pillow again. 
  2. Ever find yourself being uncomfortable due to how cold your pillow feels? Thanks to the temperature control ourpillows provide, the cold winter months will now provide comfort. 
  3. Quality pillows equal long term value. You’ll stop the frequent buying of rubbish pillows and set yourself up with an investment for many years. 
  4. There is little that compares to the spa-like beauty sleep this pillow offers.

How is a Down Pillow different from a Feather Pillow?

Because the down comes from the fluffy of the bird’s feather, they’re so much comfier. With feather pillows, you might still find the actual bone of the feather in the pillow. Whereas with down, it’s pure fluff in the best sense. 


Still have your heart set on a feather pillow? Check out our Feather and Down Pillow.

Goose Feather and Down Pillow — Cuddledown

How to choose Down Pillows?

  1. Type of down: You’ll want to have a look at the different birds. Goose versus duck versus which country it comes from. Still confused about whether you want to choose between our goose or duck down pillows? Scroll down to the pillow section in this guide.
  2. Fill power: A real down pillow will contain only actual ‘down’. Unfortunately, this pillow is often sold mixed with feathers. One thing you’ll have to look at is the fill power which indicates the quality of down - higher the fill power, higher the quality.
  3. Cost: With us at Cuddledown, you don't have to worry too much about the cost. Because guess what? Since we don’t use retailers, our down pillows are among the best in the UK and yet, they’re rather inexpensive. See for yourself with our best-selling Hungarian Goose Down Pillow. And even think about adding a Hungarian Goose Down Duvet to go with it! 
  4. Allergy - if you’ve got bird allergies, you might want to stay away! Check out this down alternative pillow: microfibre pillow instead!
  5. Quality: The Hungarian Goose Down Pillow (aka the European White Goose Down) is considered to be the best quality amongst down pillows. Of course, our other White Goose Down is still comparable and just a little lighter on your wallet. 

My down pillow smells after I wash it. How to Wash Down Pillows? 

If you don’t care for your pillow in the right manner, you’re going to be faced by another dilemma. The curse of the stinky pillow - if you don’t wash it right that is.


First, wash them according to the instructions - it's best to use mild soap. Most people will only stick to this step and go about pillow care very lazily. That’s a big mistake - ensure that you extra cycles to get rid of any excess soap.


Next, put them in the dryer at a low heat setting and fluff them up by hand every twenty minutes to remove the lumps. We recommend you put two tennis balls in the dryer as well - they beat up the lumps so you don’t have to!


And finally, let them absorb some sunshine! Put them out to air dry (heat will cause that smell) for a few hours and you’ll find it good as new. Fluffy as the day you bought them.


You’ll also want to a proper, breathable pillow protector for your down pillow. This prevents the nasty stuff from seeping into your down fill. Do pillow care well and you’ll find yourself using the same beautiful pillow even decades later.


We are proud of the fact that our down pillows are some of the best in the UK market. We're even prouder that we're able to provide these luxurious pillows to our customers at cheaper rates. Why? Because we don't use middlemen. It's easier to connect with our customers that way! See, your sleep routine and wallet are smiling already. 


So, what better down pillow would you ask for?

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