The Truth About Chamomile Tea

The Truth About Chamomile Tea for Sleep-Deprived Individuals

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There are so many reasons why adults suffer from poor quality of sleep. 

A poor sleep routine, lack of exercise or just a horrible sleep schedule. Sure, the occasional night where you turn in late is okay. But if the nights continue with you tossing and turning and totally unable to sleep, we’ve got a problem on our hands!

A lot of times, the reason why we’re so restless and unable to sleep is simply because we’re stressed.

Stress is the silent killer - it's why many adults have poor mental health and poor quality of sleep. 

Now, with the pandemic going on, we’re more stressed than ever before. For our health, for our friends and family.

So what do we do when sleep continues to evade us due to stress?

One natural relief could come from chamomile tea. 

What is Chamomile Tea?

Long since used in traditional medicine, research has proven the benefits of this tea. Chamomile tea has been the answer for many sleep-deprived individuals. 

Facts show that chamomile tea works as a mild sedative. Drinking this causes your thoughts to slowly fade away when your head hits the pillow. 

A sniff of the aromatic, flowery drink will send you in a meditative zone. Sip after sip will have your thoughts fade away to nothing. 

Sounds a little too good? Well, why not make it better by having you look at the actual benefits of chamomile tea for sleep?

Three Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Sleep-Deprived Individuals

  • 1. Better Quality Sleep

We’re going to start off with the reasons why chamomile tea works for those who suffer from poor sleep. You see, chamomile contains this one  natural component found in plants - Apigenin. 

What’s so special about apigenin, you ask? This compound acts as a mild sedative by sending signals to your brain to induce sleepiness. A magical compound, don’t you think, especially for those of us who are very sleep-deprived.

And what happens when you go to bed faster? You sleep longer and wake up so much more rested. 

You just have to be careful not to fall asleep mid-sip. 

  • 2. It  Can Calm Your Anxiety 

Research underway shows that chamomile tea has the potential to reduce anxiety. The simple act of drinking tea itself can even reduce anxiety.

Holding a cup of warm chamomile is a wondrous feeling - especially when the tea smells so lovely. We increase our chances of better sleep and reduce any unnecessary thoughts that come in the way of it. 

Like we've said, it’s the little acts that we do for ourselves that contribute to a better quality of life and sleep. 

  • 3. Chamomile Tea Reduces Stress

Once you start building this habit of drinking chamomile tea before bed, you’ll notice a couple of things. 

You’d focus on not burning yourself as you blow away the heat of the tea as this lovely warmth fills your chest. And you’ll realize that you really don’t want to stress out about the what can be done tomorrow.

This isn’t the lazy man’s way of dealing with stress but something rather healthy. After all, you shouldn’t be taking your stress to bed with you. 

Chamomile tea isn’t “everyone’s cup of tea”. Many don’t like the taste of it while others prefer to take it in capsule form. 

Your sleep routine is meant to be for you and you alone. Which means you’ve got to test out different things and different teas. If you think chamomile is too pungent, why not let it seep for less time? Or try a different variety such as lemongrass or lavender? 

What’s most important is how you feel about it and how it can help YOU sleep better.

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