Four Reasons You Can’t Sleep Well At Night

Four Reasons You Can’t Sleep Well At Night

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The ideal bedtime routine involves being able to fall asleep as soon as you lie down in bed.

But if you’re suffering from poor sleep, understand the underlying reasons.

Here are four reasons why you can’t sleep well at night:

  • Poor Sleep Environment
  • A good sleep environment includes little things. Sleeping at a comfortable temperature - where it's not too cold or hot. There should be very little light entering the bedroom. Sleeping on comfortable and good quality cotton sheets. And most importantly, sleeping in a bed solely dedicated to sleep activities.

    You're doing the whole sleep thing wrong if you’re using your bed to watch tv or eat food. Or even worse… work!

    When you’re supposed to be using it to well, sleep. And nothing else. 

    Otherwise, your body might think it's getting ready for something more fun than mere sleep.

  • Poor Physical Health
  • Eating the days away with junk food and sugary snacks? Well, they’ll definitely be eating away at your sleep schedule. 

    What junk food does is cause fluctuations in our energy levels which need to be so much lower when we’re going to bed. This gets especially bad eating junk at night - your energy levels go through the roof and you can kiss sleep goodbye.

    Another thing to point out is exercising regularly. Not only does it make you feel good, but you’ll notice that in fact, you’re sleeping better than ever before. Exercise does wonders for your sleep that we can’t recommend it enough. 

  • Poor Mental Health
  • This point holds especially true for those who do follow the right steps but find that they just can’t sleep.

    They’re thinking about the 100th mistake they made that day. Or the million things they have to do tomorrow. And the thinking goes on and on and on.

    Anxiety and stress are one of the most important reasons why you can’t sleep well at night. If your brain is so active because of your poor mental health, why would it even try to go to sleep?

    Hence, it's important you keep your mental health a top priority. 


  • Poor Sleep Routine
  • Winding down as you sip tea and listen to your sleep playlist sends a signal to your body saying, “Yes, it’s time to wind down.”

    Of course, those are only two things that can be a part of your sleep routine.

    A good sleep routine is good for many reasons. It contributes to better quality sleep, you'll end up ignoring your stress and finally, it’s so much fun!

    You'll thank yourself for these little acts of self-care after you wake up from a good night’s rest.

    It’s annoying when night after night, you’re trying so hard to lay down and close your eyes but you just can’t sleep! And it’s okay. As long as you recognise the problem and try to improve, your sleep’s going to come back to you. 

    Want to look at actionable steps to get that good quality sleep you’re looking for? Head over to this article about 5 Steps To Good Sleep.

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