10 Songs to Add to Your Sleep Playlist

10 Songs to Add to Your Sleep Playlist

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Ever find yourself staring at the ceiling and attempting to count sheep because you can’t go to sleep?

If you find sometimes find yourself struggling to fall asleep, it may be a good idea to curate yourself a sleep playlist. There’s ample research that explores the benefits of relaxing music to help induce you into some good quality sleep1

Often the main reason behind why we can’t go to sleep is that our minds are plagued by thoughts and often, they’re so unnecessary. We’re just replaying them in our beds and it makes us a bit helpless. And with that feeling of helplessness, it means you’re not going to sleep anytime soon.

So, when you curate that perfect sleep playlist, the music distracts you from those thoughts. As it plays in the background, it lulls you into relaxing your mind and before you realise it, it’s already morning and you’re waking up from a good night’s rest. We’ve previously mentioned this point in our prior post, where we discuss getting good quality sleep ➞.

Finding good music to add to your sleep playlist can be a little daunting, so we’ve got your covered and helping you get started with some artists and their songs.

Soundcloud is a great platform, with a great variety of indie artists waiting to be discovered who’ll help stop you from resorting to counting sheep.

1 — In Love with A Ghost

The barely discovered French indie artist produces music so beautiful and so enchanting, they’ll whip a spell that has you becoming sleeping beauty. 

Most of their music consists of instrumentals and electronic music that are the perfect addition for your sleep playlist. 

Flowers with Nori ➞
Complex Feelings about my own existence ➞
We've never met but, can we have a coffee or something ➞

2 — Yuna Yuna

Hana is a track that sends you to a parallel dimension - one where you’re in a trance filled with quality sleep. A sci-fi-esque track shouldn’t get you to sleep but there’s something so soothing about it - the piano keys doing wonders for your stress. 


3 — Paniyolo

The acoustic guitarist produces tracks that are made for your very own sleep soundtrack. The chords used are calming, ebbing away at your stress and filling you with comfort. A perfect addition to your sleep playlist.

Vashti Bunyan/ Diamond Day

4 — V of BTS

BTS is probably the most popular groups in the world but that doesn’t stop one of their members, V a.k.a Taehyung from releasing a self-produced track titled ‘Winter Bear’. His husky vocals are the perfect companion for your hibernation. 

Winter Bear

5 — Adib Sin

This artist makes use of soft vocals and chords to bring together sounds that are raw, honest and filled with meaning. And what better time than at night - to connect with your emotions, let go of the difficulties of today and look forward to tomorrow?

From Here (Ft. Cae)
Airwaves (Ft. Azuria Sky & B.L Hav)

It feels a bit silly doesn’t it, trying to curate a playlist to literally get you to sleep? Almost as if you're producing the background music for your dreams?

Well, we’re on a mission to get everyone to have good-quality sleep and this is just one way to do that. Music is healing, in more ways than one, and soothing music can make you sleep even better. 

Let us know if you’ve already created one of your own and/or if you plan to add these artists and their songs to this one. 

1Rakich, N. (2007) ‘Music improves sleep quality in students’ - link


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