Four Budget-Friendly Tips to make your bedroom look bigger

Four Budget-Friendly Tips to make your bedroom look bigger

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Changing up your bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive. When you spend most of your day in your bedroom, don’t you want to make that space look as big as you can? 

It doesn’t matter how small your bedroom is. If you do these tiny changes, they’re bound to make your bedroom look better. After all, bigger is better!

So, we’re here to help make your bedroom look bigger with these four budget-friendly tips:

1) Make use of mirrors.

Even if you didn’t like science in high school, you would’ve learnt this very basic fact. Mirrors reflect light. 

And when they reflect light in your bedroom, it makes it look bigger.

In interior design, a mirror can be the ultimate magic trick.

If you’ve got a standee mirror, place it against a wall adjacent or opposite to your window. You can also buy these tiny, cheap mirrors for cheap and use it to decorate the opposite wall, allowing for more light to enter your room. Aesthetic, pretty, AND budget-friendly - your bedroom could always use a few more mirrors.

2) Pops of colour pave the way

Is your bedroom looking dull or rather, is it just plain looking? When you add pops of colour, it doesn’t just add to the aesthetics of your room and make prettier, it also changes up the way your bedroom looks. 

What changes can you add to your bedroom that bring in these pops of colour? Well, just about anything. From something as small as your the colour of pillow covers to your bedside drawer, everything invites colour. Pro tip: We highly recommend bright pastel tones to help makeover your bedroom.

3) Move your bed.

Now, this goes beyond being budget-friendly and only involves a bit of work and time. Changing where your bed is placed can do wonders for your room. You might even have a second glance and think that it isn’t even your bedroom. It does take a bit of work in trying to figure out the optimum location, but when you do find it, even the smallest of bedrooms will look bigger. It’s a bit of labour, but let’s make it a labour of love for your room.

4) Go simple, silly

Sure we love to buy things because it seems like they’d be a really good fit for our bedrooms. The fact of the matter is that things get difficult if your bedroom is too cramped. It doesn't even look good anymore.

Minimalism is what helps make your bedroom look bigger. We’re not saying that you should go ahead and get rid of everything that gives you pleasure, but do you really need that side table covered in books you’re never going to read?

When you do away with the clutter, your room will not only look bigger but it’ll help you to destress. A clean room will always feel bigger and also is just better for your overall mental health. 

Your bedroom is where you spend a lot of your time. So, you want to make it as “you” as you can. 

We’re not telling you to go ahead and spend a boatload of money. As long you put your mind to it, you can make this your space in your own little way. After all, a little self-care goes a long way.

Change doesn’t have to be expensive. These changes can be incorporated over a few months in helping your bedroom look bigger and more pleasing to the eyes.

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