The Benefits of using Down Pillows

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If you’re considering investing in new down pillows, you may be wondering what you’re going to get for your money. Not only are down pillows comfortable, there are also a number of benefits which come with them. Down pillows are made using bird feathers which are taken from the back, chest and wing. Unlike the feathers on other parts of the body, down is not waterproof, meaning they are much softer and ideal for putting in pillows. The most popular form of down pillows are duck and goose, and with good reason.

Down pillows adapt to your body

Thanks to the natural softness of down, the pillow is able to contour around your head and neck, meaning the pillow will adapt to your individual shape. This can be especially beneficial if you ever suffer from neck pain. If you use cheap pillows, your head will often sit in an unnatural position, which can add unnecessary strain.

Thanks to the natural softness of down, there also isn’t any pressure being pushed back against your neck while you lay on the pillow. Again, this is ideal if you are currently uncomfortable when trying to sleep. Down allows you to sink into the pillow for complete relaxation.

Natural breathability for year-round use

If you find that your current pillows are either too cold or warm depending on the weather, down pillows are perfect for temperature control. The natural insulating down will ensure there are no ‘cold spots’ on the pillow during cold winter months, meaning when you move around during your sleep, you won’t have the uncomfortable feeling of a cold pillow on your face or neck.

In addition, down is also breathable, which means heat and moisture is able to escape from the pillow, this is particularly beneficial on warm summer nights when you can easily overheat and become restless in bed.

Quality pillows equal long term value

While down pillows may come with a higher price point than cheaper synthetic pillows, their supreme quality will mean you won’t have to reinvest in your pillows as often. With poorly made synthetic pillows, they’re likely to lose their quality much quicker, meaning you’ll have to purchase another set to get the same level of comfort. However, if you take care of your down pillows, they will last for many years. Therefore, down pillows can be considered to be a great long term investment.

Down pillows can provide better sleep quality

Through temperature control and being adaptable to your specific shape, down pillows can help to improve sleep quality. If you’re somebody who struggles with getting to sleep, or you wake up throughout the night, why not give down a try and see if it can help you sleep better at night.

Try the benefits for yourself with a down pillow

If you’d like to try the benefits of down yourself, we have a variety of goose down pillows on offer online at Cuddledown. Click any of the buttons below to shop and experience the benefits for yourself. If you’re unsure of the right down pillow for you, you can call our team on (020) 84320737 or contact us via our live chat Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. We can ensure you get the right pillow for your specific needs.

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