Top Tips For Choosing Bedsheets

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Whether it is not understanding what the bedding website says or not knowing whether it will fit your bed, there are many things to consider before buying bed sheets.

Buying the best bed sheets for you will help you sleep more comfortably at night and make sure that you feel rested so that you can be more productive the next day. 

Clearly buying bed sheets is an important task and therefore here are a few of the top tips for choosing the bed sheets that are the most suitable for you. 

Understand Your Bedding 

One of the most important parts of choosing the right bed sheets is making sure that they go with the bedding you have already. 

For example if you are using a silk duvet and silk pillow then it would be vital that you also purchase silk bed sheets, you do not want to be feeling different materials during the night as this will probably disturb your sleep.  

If you have chosen a down duvet such as Hungarian goose down then find bed sheets that match and allow you to have the best night’s sleep possible. 

Understand What Fibre Is Used

Cotton is the most common fibre in bed sheets, that is because it is the most affordable and it is comfortable as well. 

However, it is possible if you are willing to spend a little more money to get a premium cotton or an Extra-long staple cotton. Examples of this are Egyptian and Pima cotton. These sheets are more expensive but they are more durable and even softer than 100% normal cotton sheets. 

Do Not Focus On Thread Count

People often obsess over the thread count and fill power of their bed sheets to determine whether or not they are good. 

However manufacturing techniques mean that sometimes you can have an extremely high thread count without actually having a good quality product.

The best thread count is in the range of 300 to 500, but you can always have a high quality bed sheet that has a thread count of 200 and a low quality sheet that has a thread count of 500. 

Do not rely on the thread count for the quality of your bed sheets. 

Make Sure It Fits Your Mattress

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, this means that although the bed sheet might say queen or double it does not necessarily take into account the depth of your mattress. 

Moreover, if you use a mattress topper as well then it is unlikely that a classic bed sheet will fit your bed perfectly. 

Make sure in the dimensions of your bed sheets before you buy that it will fit your mattress and do not forget to account for some small shrinkages whilst washing and drying your bed sheets in the future. 

Know Which Weave You Like 

Bed sheets usually come in two different weaves, either percale or satin. The weave determines the way it looks and feels. 

Satin has a smoother feel and has a reflective look and finish due to the raised yarn profile in the weave. 

In comparison, percale fitted bed sheets feel crisp and fresh and have much more of an even and flat finish compared to satin. 

Both have their positives and it is important that you go and try out the different types of weaves so that you know which type you prefer and therefore should buy. 

Finding your perfect bed sheets takes time but with these handy tips you can find the best bed sheets for you so that you can have a restful and comfortable night’s sleep before your next big day.

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