Buying a New Mattress? 7 Factors to Consider

Buying a New Mattress? 7 Factors to Consider

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Buying a new mattress is a huge investment and you don’t want to invest your hard earned cash in something that will not last. Hence, you need to take your time in asking the right questions before you go ahead to shop or purchase a new mattress for yourself or household.

To buy a new mattress can be expensive and overwhelming. The first thing to do is to choose the right retailer amongst the thousands that are out there. It involves making some thorough and tough decision making to make a choice between going for online bed-in-a-box retailers and high street retailers. On the average you will spend around one-third of your lifetime in bed, so why not make life comfortable for yourself by investing in a good mattress?

There are a few questions you should ask before taking the final decision, here are seven questions of the most important ones;

1. Which is the Right Size of Mattress to Buy?

The first thing is to decide what size of mattress you need to get. Your answers should be based on what size of bedroom you are putting the mattress. You don’t want to buy a mattress that will be too big for your bedroom or purchase a California king size mattress when your room can only accommodate only a full-sized bed.

Another factor that should prompt your choice of mattress size is your own height. You don’t want to buy a mattress that leaves your feet dangling off the end of the mattress. In this case, you can go for a twin extra-long mattress.

Put in to consideration both the length and width when choosing the size of mattress, you want to buy especially if you are a tall person.

Here is a brief summary of the various mattress sizes available to choose from;

  • Twin: 99,06X187.96cm (39x74 inches)
  • Twin Extra Long: 99.06X203.2cm (39X80 inches)
  • Double/full: 137.16X187,96cm (54X74 inches)
  • Queen: 152.4X203.2cm (60X80 inches)
  • King: 193.04X203.2cm (76X80 inches)
  • California King: 182.88X213.36cm (72X84 inches)

2. How soft or Firm Should the Mattress be?

Another thing you should consider is the softness and firmness of the bed. This will depend on your personal preference of whether you like a soft mattress or a firm mattress. You need to find the right balance as a bed that is too soft or too firm for you might alter your sleep pattern and not allow you enjoy your sleep.

3. What is it that I don’t like about my current Mattress?

If there are things you don’t like about your current mattress, then it is only normal for you to go for a mattress that will avoid those aspects. Make a list of the things you don’t like about your current mattress so that it can guide you in shopping for a new mattress.

4. What do I like about my current Mattress?

Also make a list of what you like about your current mattress so that you can still look out for those qualities in the mattress you buy. This will guide you to know what you want and what you do not want.

5. Will I have a sleeping Partner?

If you are going to have a sleeping partner, then you must put this into consideration when buying your new mattress. Having a sleeping partner means that you will have to buy a larger bed than what you would have bought if it is just for yourself. You can also decide to go for an adjustable mattress that you can alter its properties to accommodate your sleeping preference.

6. What is my Budget?

You must also decide on how much you want to invest in purchasing a new mattress. Set a budget for yourself by deciding what is the least amount and the most you wish to spend. This will help you in deciding whether you are going for a low end or a high end mattress.

7. How do I return a Mattress I don’t like?

There is a possibility that despite taking your time to do your due diligence in getting the best and most suitable mattress, you still end up getting what you don’t like. It can be a little difficult to return a mattress you bought from a physical store. However, you can return a mattress you bought online as most of them allow that but you might have to pay for the shipping expenses.

Hence if you are buying a mattress make sure you handle it properly and use a good mattress protector in case you might have any reason to return it.

If you are able to provide the right answers to these questions, then your chances of getting the best mattress for you is high.

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