Christmas Wish List - Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Christmas Wish List - Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

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Christmas is almost here and, believe it or not, there is also such a simple formula when it comes to gift ideas for Christmas. It can be something they want, something they need, something they told you about. In short, something they’d love. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas to help you out find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. 



This Christmas, cherish a beautiful woman in your life with a unique gift. Below are the gift ideas for the lovely girls in your life.

  • Experience: Book an adventure or a spa day for her. This can make a great gift.
  • Personalised Jewellery: Every girl loves jewellery. So, why not treat her with a beautiful piece of jewellery.
  • Subscription: There is no such thing as too much makeup or perfumes. If you can’t decide what to get her, get her a subscription for her favourite makeup or a must have skincare product.
  • Pillows: Girls love their beauty sleep. A good pillow is a must for a beauty sleep. Think outside the box and get her a thoughtful gift this Christmas. She'll love you!
  • Gadgets: Something to help them in the kitchen, cleaning or even for self-care would make a pretty awesome Christmas gift.



Generally, gifts for men aren’t very hard. This is because there are set gifts for men like watches, ties and perfumes. But here are some unusual (okay, extra-ordinary) gift ideas for your loved ones. It may be your husband, boyfriend, brother, best friend or even your father.

  • Experience: Book him an experience he always talks about. That’ll be the best gift he ever had.
  • Plug and Play: Of course! “Menkind” love this gift, even if they say they are not gamers.
  • Work accessories: You can always get something they can use at work. For example, a drill machine or a toolbox, even if they don’t use it for work, they can use it for DIY at home.
  • Beard: Thanks to their facial hair, you can always treat them with something related to their facial hair.
  • Edibles: With him, you can also choose a cheese hamper or something like gin discovery.


If you are planning a gift for the whole family, the following ideas might interest you.

  • Break: If they’re newlyweds, great. Even if they’re an old couple, a getaway is always great. Or you can offer to babysit their kids and send them off for a date night.
  • Bedding items: With the winter season upon us, duvets can make a great gift for a family. Bedding sets can serve the purpose too.
  • Subscriptions: Subscription boxes are a great thoughtful gift for families that have it all!
  • Gift Vouchers: They are the best go-to gift if you’re stuck and can’t decide what to get for your loved family.
  • Experiences: A family fun adventure will be a perfect gift. With the locked-down summer last year, this would be a brilliant gift idea for your favourite family.


“Have I been good?” Every kid is anxiously asking their parents by this time of the year. The younger kids are easier as they (unlike the teenagers and after they hit 10) know exactly what they want. They may themselves tell you the details of the present they need. However, you will have to give it a thought with the “hard to please” twelve-year-old or maybe a teenager. So, here are some unique ideas for you:

  • Trainers: You’ll hardly find a kid in this era who doesn’t have favourite trainers on their wish list.
  • Roblox money (or whatever the currency is): You can’t go wrong here! They can never have enough money in Roblox.
  • Tablet/Camera/Gadget: Many of us have kids these days who want to be the next big YouTuber. If your kid is the same, they’d be eyeing a gadget. You’ll know it.
  • Personalised phone covers: Further to their technology demands, they’ll love a personalised cover for their phone/tablet etc. 
  • Perfumes: If you have teenage girls, they’ll love a new released perfume. If you have boys, a trendy video game is always a good idea.

Hope it helps. Happy Christmas shopping and Merry Christmas to you all.

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