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The Ultimate Guide to Quality Duvet Covers

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What is a Duvet Cover?

Simply put, the duvet cover is a pillowcase for your duvet or a duvet insert. Just as the pillowcase cover protects your pillow from many things such as dirt, wear and tear, usage - the duvet cover does the same thing for your duvet. You can even choose to use duvet covers for your comforters. 

After all, how often do you wash your duvet? We use it every night, and so, it could be months before it sees its next wash. 

Do I need a Duvet Cover? 

Duvets are difficult, not to mention pretty expensive to wash and launder.  So, thats where the duvet cover comes in. It acts as the protector from nightly use, and since its removable, duvet covers are the reason you can sleep with the same fresh duvet for years to come. 

Some people also enjoy changing up the style of their bedroom. And duvet covers work out perfectly for your interior designing skills since they come in a variety of different colours. 

When you’re investing in a quality duvet, you also want to invest in a good quality duvet cover. Down below, we go in with a little more detail about the benefits of a good quality duvet cover and also the type of duvet covers you can choose from. 

Finally, when you’re in a country like the UK, where we’re subject to our fair share of rainy days, you can still comfortably change the covers without looking out for a warm laundry day. 

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Benefits of a Great Quality Duvet Cover

Youve spent a good amount of money on a duvet over say - your usual blanket - for a reason: comfort, luxury, and a good nights sleep. So, youd also want to buy a good quality duvet cover. 

Might we suggest our own pure cotton duvet covers? Its luxury at its finest, made with a 400 thread count Egyptian cotton that allows for natural breathability while still enveloping you with its velvety smooth touch. 

But really - here are:

Nine reasons you Should purchase a Good Quality Duvet Cover:

  1. It protects your duvet from dirt - yay because you now sleep in a cleaner bed!
  2. It makes your duvet last longer 
  3. Keeps it looking soft and fluffy.
  4. Which means it will look as good as new for a long time
  5. A good quality cover with breathability = better sleep
  6. However, sateen duvet covers are great for the colder nights
  7. You can choose from luxurious colours such as ivory and mink 
  8. Different duvet covers allow you to change up your bedroom look 
  9. Theyre rather inexpensive when compared to replacing the duvets themselves. 

Types of Duvet Cover Weaves: 

  1. Percale

Percale covers are more breathable thanks to its weave; 

That’s a little more on the thinner side. A little firmer and tighter, percale is a lot more breathable and is the perfect match for the lighter duvet. Its great for sleepers who get hot very easily, it lasts longer and is more durable thanks to the type of weave—all while looking great with its matte finish. 

Check out Luxe Pure Cotton Percale Duvet Covers.

  1. Sateen

Sateen covers are a type of weave that gives way to a thicker but smoother feel for your duvet cover. Most sateen covers have a glossy shine to it that makes it more luxurious. Its less breathable, which means its perfect for the winter nights or those who prefer a warmer touch when they sleep. 

Check out our classic Pure Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover.

If youre unsure of whether you prefer sateen or not, one of our UK customers left this review:

The Duvet covers are lovely, soft silky with a subtle sheen which is very attractive but the main feature is comfort, with the matching fitted sheet this is pure heaven, I have three sets so far, and yes I'm going to buy more,”

Selecting a duvet cover doesnt have to be too complicated. Duvet cover sets make the choosing easier. 

Remember, - pick whats right for you, your bed, and, most importantly, for better quality sleep. 

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