Five Elegant Ways to Dress Your Bed

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Five elegant ways to dress your bed

When decorating your bedroom, most people are usually confused about where to start. You want a bedroom that reflect your own personality and that tells people that you are creative and fun. So when it comes to decorating the bedroom start at the central point; the bed. Several questions come to mind when it comes to dressing your bed, how many pillows should your bed have? How should you coordinate the colours? What is the best size for your pillows? These questions are all valid and very important. You want the bed to be elegant because ultimately it passes the elegance to the entire room. 


Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. Start With white sheets. Make you décor as simple as possible. If you choose white sheets make sure that your pillows have white covers. Making the whole bed the same colours makes the bed appear elegant and simple. The look gives a simple elegant look to your bedroom.

Bed components should serve the same function

Decorative pillows covers and comforters should serve the same function. This means that you should make sure that you do not colour clash. When you change your comforter change your pillow covers to avoid colour clashing.  Decorative pillow are useful when it comes to providing additional support while you are sitting up in bed. During the night use the decorative pillows behind the night pillows to ensure that they don’t get dirty.  Comforters should always be used during the chilly nights. Coverlets are lighter than blankets so they should be used during warm nights.

Simple rules

The rule of thumb when it comes to decorating a bed is that, arrange your bedding from the biggest to smallest and from the back to the front.  Also it is important to dress your bed with specific themes every once in a while. There are several themes such as African inspired themes, romantic themes or classical period inspired themes. 

Patterns and Colours

During those times that you feel a bit dramatic introduce patterns and brave colours to your bed.  The best thing to do when it comes to arranging your bed is that the colours and patterns are not permanent like your bedroom walls. This naturally leaves you with enough room to experiment. Colours and patterns ensure that your bed has a different look every time giving a breath of life to your bedroom.  When it comes to sheets keep them plain. Patterned sheets are good for children’s beds but not for adults. If you want to experiment pick a different colour for your top sheet and fold it down. 

Try a tailored look

Dressing the bed with a tailored look makes it look elegant. You can use a subtle stripe in the bedsheet and a holstered headboard to create an environment that is warm and luxurious. Introduce fur pillows to the set up to bring a bit of whimsy that contradicts sleek décor. Tailored beds give your bed a calm and friendly look. 

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