A Nap Chat with Tash

A Nap Chat with Tash

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Our home plays a vital role in our day to day lives. It’s much more than a place to sleep, it’s where our day begins and where it ends. A place to feel complete freedom, comfort and wellbeing. How we spend our time at home is very important, since when we are tired or stressed after a long day, it's our home that we turn to find the sense of rest and relaxation we need.

Tash, a home lover, has shared with us how she spends her time at home, the essential parts of her morning routine and how she disconnects after a long day.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake-up?

Make myself a coffee and have a drink of water 

Do you have a set morning routine? If so, tell us about it.

Working shifts make morning routines tricky for me, there’s a few things I won’t leave the house without doing though: morning coffee, skin care, making the bed, morning cuddles with the dogs.

Do you manage to steal the occasional lie in and how do you like to spend that extra time in bed?

I have a cheeky lie in on a Saturday and Sunday if I am not working but only till about 8am. That way I feel like I’ve made the most of my weekend.

Describe to us a perfect day at home.

My perfect day at home would be waking up to fresh coffee, taking the dogs for a nice stroll, coming home and baking some goodies, a lovely hot bubble bath, face mask, fresh pyjamas and fresh bedding and a good film.

How and where do you like to unwind?

I love being at home, my favourite wind down space is the living room. It’s a calm and cosy space where I feel at peace. I like to have a bit of quiet time to myself, I like to have a good scroll through Instagram and love looking at everybody's gorgeous homes.

What are three things you always do to end the day?

To end my day, I like to have a little home reset, I will straighten up the house so that my mornings are stress free. I have a bath or shower to wash the day away. Before I go to sleep I like to think of 3 positive things about anything. They can be positives from the day, positives about tomorrow, or just anything positive really.

As Tash mentions, it’s clearly the simple things in life that give us that sense of peace and comfortness. Cuddling up with a pet, cooking some baked goods or taking a hot bubble bath. Little things that we take for granted most days, and we should really stop and take a moment to admire.

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