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Getting a good night's sleep helps your health - it reduces your risk of diabetes, heart disease, improves your overall mood and reduces stress. But, what is the trick to a well-rested and comfortable sleep? Not only do you need a comfortable mattress, duvet and bed itself - but you will also need to invest in a great set of pillows!

Read our top 10 list of the best pillows you can invest in for sleeping below. Without a doubt, there’ll be one for you according to your personal needs & well within a good budget! 


1. Goose Down Pillows 


Without a doubt, goose down pillows are the best pillows for sleeping. Luxurious, soft and extremely comfortable - you’ll never have a bad night’s sleep again if you invest in a set of goose down pillows. Although goose down pillows are generally more expensive than other types of pillows, they are worth the price in the long-run as they’re durable, washable and sustainably-sourced. 

Goose down pillows are made from down, a soft fibre found in the under layer of geese. Down material keeps geese both warm and cool, as the fibres are there for body temperature control. Therefore, a great pillow choice that can be used in both summer and winter. What’s more, they’re also hypoallergenic! 

Not only are goose down pillows comfortable, but the down material inside of the pillow will contour to your head and neck’s shape. Therefore, great for all styles of sleepers: side, back or even front sleepers! They’re also one of the best pillows for neck pain due to this. 

Goose down pillows also have a variety of types: such as Hungarian Goose Down, Siberian Goose Down and even Canadian Goose Down. All of which are extremely comfortable and the most premium down material available on the market and here at Cuddledown.

2. Duck Down Pillows


If you’re on a smaller budget, yet still want to invest in some of the most premium pillows available in the UK, you could consider buying a set of duck down pillows. Duck down, similarly to goose down, is made of down material. Instead of geese, the down material fibres are collected from ducks! 

Duck down pillows are a great choice to consider if you’d like to experience the utmost comfort, while having a lightweight and easy-to-wash pillow. Both duck and goose down pillows are machine washable - so great if you or your little one’s ever accidentally spill a drink, or are someone who gets particularly hot and sweaty during the night. 

Both duck and goose down pillows also have longer life spans than other synthetic materials offered online and in-stores. Why not do yourself a favour and invest in a duck down pillow? It will certainly be worth it! 


3. Down Alternative (Synthetic) Pillows


Though duck and goose down pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, you may be one of the few people to be allergic to down. If you would like to experience the same comfort down pillows offer, yet are on a smaller budget, then you could buy a set of down alternative pillows

Made from mostly polyester material, down alternative pillows are created to mimic down material - the most comfortable and luxurious pillows you could ever invest in. While the warmth and insulation of a down alternative pillow could never compete with a real down pillow, it is as lightweight as the real deal. Great for those that want a comfortable, well-rested night’s sleep each night. 


4. Memory Foam Pillows


If you have health problems, such as chronic neck pain or perhaps acid reflux, then investing in a memory foam pillow might be a good idea. Memory foam pillows, made from polyurethane, come in all shapes and sizes and have ones specially made to support those that experience a bad night’s sleep. 

Just like a memory foam mattress, a memory foam pillow contours to the shape of your head and neck - which can provide great support for the neck and spine. However, if you’re a front sleeper these types of pillows may not be right for you as they tend to be firmer than other pillows.  


5. Feather Pillows


Feather pillows, in contrast to down pillows, are made up from the feathers on the top layer of geese and ducks. They’re considerably cheaper than down pillows, yet they are less durable and require continuous fluffing to keep their shape. 

Nevertheless, feather pillows are still a luxurious pillow to consider - and one of the best if you’d like that fluffy, warm feeling while you sleep! These types of pillows are great for winter, as the insulation of the feathers in the pillow keeps you warm. However, this is something to keep in mind for those hot summer months - or, if you’re someone that particularly experiences hot sweats during sleep. 


6. Microfibre Pillows


Microfibre pillows are made from polyester and nylon, and are designed to have a breathable quality. Comfortable, inexpensive and widely available on the market. These types of pillows are some of the most popular pillows in the Uk due to these qualities. 

Though microfibre pillows are made from synthetic material and may feel less high-quality, they are designed to still give you the best sleep. They are not too firm, meaning they support your neck while you sleep but still provide that cuddly feeling most people want in a bed pillow. 


7. Cotton Pillows


Generally, pillows are not made from cotton but the outer pillow case is. Cotton, however, does make for a great pillow material. Similarly to down material, cotton is naturally hypoallergenic so great for those summer night’s where allergies and hay fever are on the rise.

They’re generally breathable, however do not have a very long life span. As time progresses, sweat can build up in the pillow and cause it to harden. However, if you’re looking for a pillow which can provide you enough comfort, at an inexpensive price then cotton pillows are the way to go. You could even consider spending that little bit more and opting for organic cotton pillows! 


8. Wool Pillows


As most people will know, wool (just as it does for sheep) is a natural insulator. Therefore, wool pillows are great for sleeping in both hot and cold climates as they will regulate your body temperature. Wool pillows, as the name gives away, are filled with the wool sheared off of sheep. Warm, cosy and also inexpensive!

Wool pillows, on the other hand, cannot be washed in a machine. Their material means they can be dry cleaned only, which may be a setback for those that sweat more during their sleep. Furthermore, wool pillows retain smells more over time, so keeping this clean is a must if you’d like them to last long-term. 


9. Water Pillows


On our top 10 list is also water pillows! These types of pillows, as this name also gives away, are filled with water. Hypoallergenic, comfortable and also durable. These are some of the most sustainable pillows available too if using ethically-sourced pillows is at the top of your checklist. 

Water pillows, furthermore, are great for everyone as they are supportive and will contour to any shape or weight unlike most other pillows which flatten over time. You can also add and remove water based on your own comfort level. Yet, if a water pillow breaks then it may leak and potentially damage the rest of your bed. So, if you have pets or children this is something to keep in mind before purchasing. 

10. Body Pillows


Last, but not least, is a body pillow! These can be considered less conventional pillows  - as they’re usually rather large and commonly used by pregnant people. Body pillows, however, could be the answer to your sleep troubles!

Body pillows are usually made from conventional synthetic materials, and are therefore generally quite breathable, easy to clean and comfortable. They are particularly good for those that need some extra support, such as pregnant women or those with body pains, conditions or recurring injuries. 

However, keep in mind that body pillows usually have larger pillow cases - so it may be harder to find and update your current pillowcases! They are also larger than usual pillows and mostly suitable for side sleeping, so keep in mind who you’re possibly sharing your bed with.  

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