A Nap Chat with Bethany

A Nap Chat with Bethany

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Our lives are filled with stress and constant noise. From the first moment the alarm goes off, the shower water, the noise of the road, the office phones and the stress of our jobs, we are bombarded with noise throughout the day.

Our home is a protected space away from stressful and daily life. It’s therefore important to transform it into your favourite place in the world, creating a unique relaxation environment. Decorate your home in a cosy way so that everything that surrounds you is pleasant and comfortable. All of this will help you focus on the present and enjoy the little moments in life. 

Bethany, a homebody, has shared with us how she spends her time at home and finds beauty in everyday moments. 

Do you consider yourself a homebody?

Absolutely, yes!

What do you love most about being at home?

The calmness

How would you spend your perfect day off?

Little lay in, Long dog walk followed by a coffee on the sofa whilst reading a book/magazine, pop out for brunch and a mooch around some shops, home for an evening either on the sofa in comfies watching a movie with yummy food & drinks of choice or a night hosting friends with dinner, drinks & games.

What do you want your home to feel like and why?

Calm, Warm & Inviting. I have really worked hard on making our home a minimalist yet inviting space. I like to feel at peace at home and for guests to feel that way too.

Any tips on turning your bedroom into a calm and relaxing haven?

Make it minimal. I have learnt that less is more - particularly regarding clutter in the bedroom. We have the essentials in our room & that is all. It’s nice to get into bed feeling calm & comfy. Big bouncy cushions, crisp bed linen & plenty of blankets of course help too!

How do you like to unwind before bed?

Shower/Bath, Skincare routine, dressing gown & a good book!

Our home should be a refuge from noise and interference in our lives. A place to recharge our batteries and escape unnecessary noise. It’s time you turn your home into your own private oasis.

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