How to Stay Cool While Sleeping

How to Stay Cool While Sleeping

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Sleeping in a hot room can be an extremely frustrating experience. If you’re tired of having restless nights over summer or in a humid room, we’ve put together a few of our top tips to help you sleep better. Naturally our body’s temperature rises while we sleep so making sure we sleep in a cool environment is crucial.

Before you get in bed

Here are some things you could try before getting into bed which could help to improve the quality of your sleep in warmer temperatures

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water is a great way to naturally cool the body. Try to increase the amount of water you drink throughout the day to ensure you’re properly hydrated while you sleep. Try to keep on top of your hydration throughout the day, rather than drinking as much water as possible just before you sleep. While this may keep you cool while you sleep, you’re probably going to wake up in the night to go to the toilet so your sleep will be just as disrupted!

Plan in advance

When a heatwave finally arrives here in the UK, we’re all taken back by the heat and suddenly rush to buy anything we can to cool us down, like a bedroom fan. Often people will only purchase this when the heat arrives, rather than planning it out beforehand. Why not stock up on all your warm weather essentials now, rather than waiting until your sleepless nights start. That way, you will avoid disappointment when popular products quickly sell out.

Invest in breathable bedding

If your bedding doesn’t allow heat to escape, then you’re always going to struggle to sleep in a warm environment. Fitting your bed with breathable bedding will let any heat easily escape, keeping you cooler throughout the night. Here at Cuddledown, we provide a range of breathable bedding which could help to cool you down at night. Take a look at some of the affordable options we have available.

Block Sunlight during the day

If your bedroom is constantly warm during summer, try keeping the curtains closed whenever you are not in the room. By not allowing direct sunlight into the room, it will help to keep your room temperature down. Therefore, when it’s finally time to go to sleep, you room will naturally be cooler, meaning you are likely to sleep better.

Tips for cooling yourself down in bed

Try sleeping with a dehumidifier

While dehumidifiers will not make the air in your room colder, it can remove that uneasy “muggy” feeling from the air on especially warm nights. Dehumidifiers work by taking the surrounding warm air and taking out all the humidity, remove releasing it back into the room.

Do your best to stay calm

It’s much easier said than done but try to stay calm and relaxed if you’re struggling to sleep during the night. Getting overly frustrated will only make things worse when it comes to getting some shut eye. Simple techniques such as counting in your head can help to distract your mind.

What are your top tips for staying cool while sleeping?

Make sure to leave your top tips for staying cool while sleeping in the comments below to share your great ideas with others!

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