What Makes Goose Down Pillows So Good?

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Goose down pillows are of much higher and better quality than feather or any other types of pillows that you might buy. 

Their comfort, fill power, softness and ability to last a long time in all types of weather conditions means that goose down is the best option when looking for your next long-term pillow purchase. 

Cuddledown has many options for goose down pillows, including Hungarian, Siberian and Canadian goose down. In this post, we will go through some of the main reasons why goose down pillows are so good and why it is worth investing in one.

Hungarian Goose Down Pillow — Cuddledown
Canadian Goose Down Pillow — Cuddledown
Siberian Goose Down Pillow — Cuddledown

Comfort For Longer

Over time, feather pillows tend to stick together and flatten out, making them uncomfortable; deforming the pillow permanently. This then leads to this type of pillow needing to be replaced quite often. 

Goose down is made in the form of round clusters, when they come together they make fluffy and comfortable clusters for a much longer period of time. They do not lose their shape with time and therefore they last much longer than feather products for example.

Goose down is great if you want to invest in a pillow for the long term rather than a feather pillow which you would need to replace much more often.


A goose down pillow comes with a variety of features, most importantly it is soft and fluffy allowing you to stay cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

Goose down is a breathable material, this means that less down is required to fill up the pillows. There is a lot of room within the pillow clusters for air to circulate. This makes the pillow extremely soft and comfortable. Feather pillows do not come with the same advantages. 

Fill Power

Fill power is the ratio of volume to weight, this means that the more fill power that a material has the less of it is required to provide the same volume of filling. 

If you use a fill material with a high fill power then your pillows will be much lighter. For many Hungarian Goose Down is considered to be the best of all materials when it comes to fill power. 

Feathers do not have a fill power making them a much less comfortable or soft option compared to goose down.

All-Weather Product

A characteristic of Goose down pillows that make them so great is that they are an all-weather product. Goose down products are great for all summers throughout the year. 

They keep you warm during the cold winter nights and they allow you to feel cool whilst the sun is blaring in the summer. 

This is because it wicks away any moisture on your body, meaning you do not have to change bedding when it gets colder or warmer! 

Different Types Of Goose Down

Another reason why goose down pillows are so good is because you can choose from a variety of different types of goose down. 

Cuddledown offers Hungarian, Canadian and Siberian Goose down pillows which all come with their own characteristics and prices. Hungarian goose down is known for being the most luxurious of the 3 types and is said to last the longest as well.

However all types of goose down provide you with a much better sleep than a feather or different material pillow! 

Premium Quality

Lastly, goose down is truly a premium quality product. Obtaining goose down from geese ethically is much harder than it is to obtain feathers from birds. 

Moreover, goose down is best when it is taken from adult geese and therefore it is also a task to look after the geese until they get to an age where the goose down taken from them is the best it can be. 

These factors mean that is is a premium and luxurious product and that is shown in the comfort difference between goose down and all other materials.

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