The ideal bedtime routine

The ideal bedtime routine

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Rest is essential to have health and well-being in our day to day. Dedicating the necessary time to create an environment that invites relaxation and settlement of the day is the guarantee of a good night's sleep.

Many factors influence our quality of relaxation. One of them being a good bed to relax on, as well as soft quality bedding to snuggle up in. Here are some ideas to help you create your ideal rest ritual. 

Light, early meals

What we take to bed in our stomachs will also have an effect on our sleep. Copious meals will make our body have to work through the night to digest the food.

On the other hand, going to bed hungry will not allow us to rest either. Therefore, a light but satisfying meal is the best way to help the body to carry out the metabolic decrease naturally.

Soak in a hot bath

Water is our greatest ally to prepare our body for rest. It cleanses and takes away the heaviness, eliminating toxins and recharging us with new energy, relaxing our muscles and relieving stress. A hot bath or shower at night is a great pleasure, it not only helps us fall asleep, but improves the quality of sleep. 

You can take a shower at least an hour before you go to bed, so your body temperature doesn't get too high. A simple gesture that could make a difference.

Stretch your body

The body needs to change its position, stretch and breathe the tensions accumulated during the day. Put on some comfy clothes and find a nice and spacious corner to stretch out your body. 

If you stop to listen to your body and breathe, you’ll surely feel much better and relaxed.

Go offline

An essential step. Say goodbye to mobile devices. Think about it, there is nothing important that you need to see on the phone before bed, surely it can wait for tomorrow while you have breakfast.

Use those minutes to chat with your partner, children or pamper your pet. You can also dedicate that moment to reading, which will help you purify your thoughts and forget what is on your mind.

Snuggle up in cosy bedding

Great bedding doesn’t just dress up your bedroom—it also keeps you comfortable and helps you sleep better at night.  When you choose the best type of bedding and pillows for your body and sleep style, you can expect deeper relaxation and quality sleep.

At Cuddledown we believe in better sleep, we've therefore carefully crafted the finest duvets, pillows and bedding. You'll be nodding off into dreamland in no time!

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