Feng Shui to decorate your bedroom.

Feng Shui to decorate your bedroom.

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Our bedroom is an essential part of our home. It’s not only where we sleep and spend most of our time, it's where we disconnect and rest. Our room makes us feel more ourselves, that's why we should pamper it and comprehend that harmony must flow through it. A well decorated bedroom can do many things to help you sleep better. 

The Feng Shui technique has been imposing a series of criteria for years to help good vibrations flow through your space, which can be very useful in your bedroom, to help improve your sleep, your mood and your entire day to day life. Here are seven keys to bring in Feng Shui into your bedroom.

The headboard

First and most important, the headboard. Our most powerful energy point resides in the head and for Feng Shui it is essential to protect it. 

The headboard must rest on a firm base such as the wall. A bed in the middle of the room with a passageway behind it does not work, because psychologically it leaves us exposed by not having all the space in our field of vision once lying down.


A mirror, with its reflection, gives depth, like the sea or a lake. Quite the opposite of what we are looking for in the bedroom. We are looking for security, stability, support, something more related to the earth element. 

Mirrors can also worsen the refraction of electromagnetic fields by the metallic material used for their construction. Feng Shui recommends avoiding them. But if you do include them in your bedroom, try not to reflect the bed.

Embrace nature

According to Feng Shui, you should introduce natural elements in your bedroom. Plants, water sources, materials such as wood... 

The most current trends in decoration propose bedrooms inspired by nature, not only with the aforementioned natural elements but also with green patterns of leaves, flowers, etc.

No technology

Electronic devices are considered pollutants in the bedroom, since they emit radiation that could disturb sleep. Therefore, avoid televisions, alarm clocks and  computers or any other devices that require cables. 

Lights, yes, of course, but try not to let the cables pass behind the headboard. 

Subtle decoration

Do not decorate your bedroom by filling it with details, create an orderly environment free of objects that are not used, since these could cause stress or nervousness.

Objects are also capable of giving us or taking away energy, depending on the relationship we have with them. So pick a few that give you a good vibe.

Calm tones

One of the basic principles of Feng Shui is that we feel comfortable at home. To make sure you do so, it’s important to choose the right colour palette.

Go for warm tones. These enhance the feeling of comfort as well as adding elegance, harmony and dynamism to the room. In order to get the mixture of colours right, you must start with one main colour and another two in small doses to add power to the decoration.

Good energy

A Feng Shui bedroom needs energy to flow naturally above and below you. Above you, the energy will rarely encounter obstacles, but below you it can if you sleep on a trundle bed or in an enclosed masonry structure. In this sense, leg beds are ideal.

Having a comfortable and pleasant space can help us rest and regain strength. It is, therefore, convenient that we value the idea of ​​​​applying the Feng Shui technique. 

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