A Nap Chat with Olivia

A Nap Chat with Olivia

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Home is more than just a roof over our heads and a place to keep our possessions. Home is where the heart is, and therefore should be a haven of safety, comfort, and place of joy throughout our lives. It’s also an extension of ourselves. What we do and see inside our home will affect our mood, our productivity, and our happiness. 

Olivia, a home decorator, has shared with us how her home makes her feel and how she is enjoying the progress of creating her ideal home, a place to feel safe and comfortable.

What’s the first feeling you get when you walk through your front door?

I feel happy. I just love being at home and my home.

Which room and items make you feel most at home? And why?

My bedroom and lounge make me feel the most at home. These are the only 2 rooms in the house which have personal pictures in and I don’t know why but these make me feel most at home being around pictures of my loved ones.

Do you spend lots of time at home? What do you do this time?

I spend a mixture of my time at home and out the house but home is very much my happy and safe place and I love being at home. In my time at home, I spend a lot of time online shopping, watching films and reading my favourite genre of book; crime/thriller.

Do you feel like you have created your ideal home or are you missing some final touches? If so, what are they?

I don’t feel I have created my ideal home yet, I still have a lot of decorating ideas for a majority of the rooms. I think I still have a little bit of a way to go until I have the ideal home but getting this takes time and I’m enjoying the progress of making our house a home.

When decorating, do you follow trends, your own personal style or try to make them both work together?

I follow trends along but I add my own personal touch to make them work together.

In which room do you unwind and relax after a long day and how?

The main bathroom, a bubble bath with a face mask, a book and a candle is my perfect way of unwinding after a long day. You just can’t beat it.

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