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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health, so choosing the right summer duvet can help greatly improve your sleep quality and quantity. Choosing the perfect duvet fit for the season can be difficult, as there are several types of duvets that offer a wide range of benefits. That's why here at Cuddledown, we've made this process easier for you. Read on to see our Top 7 Summer Duvets and find out which summer duvet best suits your needs and can help you stay well-rested and fresh during those hot summer nights.

1. Goose Down Duvet


Goose Down Duvets are the best type of duvet for the perfect summer night’s sleep. Goose down refers to the material in the duvet, and is the soft under plumage found on geese’s under bellies. Coming in various types, from Hungarian Goose to Siberian Goose, Goose Down Duvets are lightweight, breathable and the most comfortable type of duvet on the market. The clusters of down in the duvet make it the most comfortable type of duvet, as it will contour to your body while you blissfully sleep. In addition, as geese have to adapt to harsher climates, it makes goose down duvets one of the most durable and even naturally hypoallergenic styles of duvet. Goose down is worth the money as the most premium duvet offered on the market, as it offers a wide range of benefits and is even perfect for the winter months. 

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet — Cuddledown
Siberian Goose Down Duvet — Cuddledown

2. Duck Down Duvet 


Down material, just as it does for ducks, helps regulate heat and humidity extremely well. Down, therefore, is the most breathable type of duvet material and perfect for those hot summer nights. Duck down, in comparison to goose down, is cheaper and therefore a more viable option if you would prefer to spend less. While it won’t last as long, duck down duvets are almost as good quality as goose down duvets. They have great fill power - meaning, the higher the fill power, the higher the quality as it’ll make the duvet lighter and more insulating. Therefore, making duck down duvets affordable, lightweight and comfortable and a perfect option for your summer bedding. 

3. Pure Silk Duvet


Pure silk duvets are soft, breathable and one of the most comfortable types of duvet. Made with premium Grade A long-fibre Tussah pure silk and pure cotton sateen fabric casing, pure silk duvets are naturally hygroscopic - meaning they keep moisture away during those humid summer nights while keeping you cool. Lightweight, cool and luxurious - pure silk duvets are a great option if you want a high-quality, long lasting and breathable duvet for each summer season.

Pure Silk Duvet — Cuddledown

4. Down Alternative Microfibre Duvet


If you’re on a tighter budget but still want a high-quality duvet that can provide you a comfortable summer night’s sleep, then Cuddledown’s Down Alternative Microfibre Duvet might be the perfect fit for you. Our Microfibre Duvet is made from man-made synthetic material, tailored to resemble down duvet’s breathable and insulating qualities yet made at a lower price. Eco-friendly and sustainable, our microfibre duvets can also keep you cool during the summer months.

Down Alternative Microfibre Duvet — Cuddledown

5. Wool Duvet


Traditionally, wool duvets offer a more quilted style than goose down or synthetic duvets. However, wool duvets are still soft and can provide you a comfortable night’s sleep. If you find yourself getting hot at night, wool’s natural properties can help regulate your body temperature. Wool, furthermore, has hypoallergenic qualities making wool duvets a great option for summer when allergies are more prevalent.

6. Cotton Duvet 


Cotton duvets are one of the most popular duvets, as they are cheap and can be found in almost any store. Cotton duvets are great for warmer climates, as they are made with a pad of cotton sewn into the outer case, so they are flatter and help absorb body moisture. Cotton, however, is less durable and lightweight than other options like goose down duvets and so the comfort quality will not be as high.

7. Linen Duvet


Similarly to cotton duvets, linen duvets are flatter and wick away moisture while you sleep. Linen, however, is often more expensive than cotton duvets due to the manufacturing process taking longer. Yet, linen generally is a good option if you suffer from night sweats during the hot and humid summer seasons. While they are heavier in weight than cotton duvets, linen material is more breathable. Choosing the right type of linen duvet is important, as not all linen duvets are good quality, so be sure to check before buying. 

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